Who doesn’t like a good bag? How about a bag that’s not only good for the environment but can help you up your selfie game? This is where the Cotton Bag Co’s wonderful Selfie Bag comes into play.

The Cotton Bag Co is an amazing company that specialize in cotton eco friendly reusable bags. Which is wonderful in at the minute, what with everyone trying to reduce their single plastic uses and protecting our beautiful seas, and I guess what better way to help the environment than use our Selfie Bags, plus they are British made and we all know how important it is to support our local companies and help prevent more pollution.

Their one main rule is ‘No More Plastic!’ and I 100% agree with them.


The bag itself is made with 100% cotton and comes in two different designs; a beautiful black bag with golden swirls, stars and hearts, and a more natural tan with pretty leaves, which I feel would be perfect for those autumn selfies coming up. The bag feels sturdy and strong, and I was surprised to find that it was bigger than I expected too, its perfect for every day use and because its made of fabric you can fold it up and store it away safely.

The bag has one large compartment which you can pop your phone and any other valuables, a little pocket to place a mini tripod or selfie stick and a reflective sheet to help create more light for better selfies, and as I said was big enough that I could use it during a shop and not have to get any plastic bags.

First Impressions..

Once I got my hands on the bag, after a fun journey to find our nearest package drop off, I fell in love with it, I will be honest that I am not the biggest selfie take out there, so the idea of a bag to help selfies seemed sort of silly for me, but I love the style of the bag itself and the fact that I can use it in every day life, and has been used when we walk to our little shop for much needed snacks.

While the idea of the selfie bag sounds a little silly, I have found myself using the reflective material for other uses aside from a selfie, its helped add extra light into some photos that I have taken out and about, so its not completely lost on me, I understand the importance of light in photos and has come in handy.

Where to buy..

You can find The Selfie Bag on the Cotton Bag Co’s website here, at a pretty good price of £9.99, which I feel for a good canvas bag is a pretty decent price, where you can select what design you like and enjoy a new and pretty handy bag for shopping.

Also I recommend taking a browse around their website to see if there are any other bags that might take your fancy, after all its so important to do your best and remove plastic from our world.


What do you think of the selfie bag?


The Selfie Bag was gifted to me for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Back to Cool!

Back to school shopping can be one of the single stressful times of the summer holiday, I find it so hard to squeeze in the time to do the all important shopping which, as we all know, can be an expensive time depending where you get everything from.

We are normally a Next shopper with uniforms, but this year I wanted to try something a little different and test out the school uniform range at Debenhams, and to my surprise they are wonderful!.

The range all being available online it is even easier to order up and get ready without heading out into the masses, and what with all the panic stricken parents desperately preparing for the all important September term dates it is so much easier to simply log on and order.

Price is Important

One of the things that is so important with back to school shopping, is always the price of everything on top of all the other extra little bits that go along with it, but Debenhams delivers fantastic quality school uniforms at a purse friendly price with various multi packs, and if you are like me having more than one child to buy for, the lower the price is always better, but a danger is always that you take away any quality when reaching for the bargains, but not here.

Lots of Options

If you are anything like me than you love a little bit of variety with what your children wear in school. Debenhams has such a good collection of uniform. From a wide selection of skirts and pinafores for the girls and for the boys, trousers or shorts along with two types of shirt styles.

What I liked most about the range of school uniform was the fact that they also included rain coats and bags all on the website. In all in different colors so that you can find something perfect for whatever school your child goes too. Debenhams has everything from primary school age to secondary school age sizes, which is great for when you are ordering for more than one child in different school years.

Also what I found perfect was they also supplied underwear, PE kits and shoes so you essentially can get everything in one shop, which is fantastic, if you like me have more than one child which can make shopping be a murder.

I cannot express enough to those I meet, just how wonderful the quality of the jumpers are. Now that the children are going into the autumn term with things getting colder, their jumpers will be worn daily and be put under a lot of stress. The shirts feel soft and of course having two different designs for girls and boys, although you could buy the same style if you aren’t picky like me. The skirts and trousers look smart, each having a inner elastic band to help fit your child. Which is handy when children do not all follow the same growing patterns.

The shirts themselves, which you will be delighted to hear, are machine washable and able to go into the tumble dryer for those cold and wet days in the autumn/winter term.

I am delighted we decided to test out a different company for the children’s school uniforms this year, and I feel like we are all prepared for the new term ahead.

Are you all set for the new term? just over three weeks to go!!


Disclaimer - This blogpost is part of a Debenhams Back to School campaign, thoughts and opinions are my own.

In our house we love wooden toys, I think they look pretty when they are tidied away neatly where they belong and of course the one blessing of wooden toys is the fact they are good for the environment so when I was asked if we would be interested in reviewing the Hape Fantasia blocks train I didn’t say no.

The train itself is three parts that connect together so its easy to pull along with beautiful and bright blocks sitting on top held together with wooden pins, each train has different colored wheels which then match up with the blocks that sit on top, the quality of the wood is wonderful, it isn’t like Grimms wooden toys which are just painted wood without any protection as the painted bricks and wheels are glossy while the train body is more a smooth bare wood which I think prefer as they are a lot easier to clean and we all know how sticky fingers can get.

Robins first call of action was of course to remove all the bricks off their pegs and run off with them, which she found easy to do as they aren’t clicked into place. the bricks themselves are beautiful and covered with many different patterns and shapes and are overall really attractive to little hands.

They are pretty easy to fix together, the front and middle train has wooden pegs similar to where the bricks fit onto so you can join up each train but the one thing that bothered me was just the fact that you need to look before picking them up as I had a habit of picking up the wrong one and dropping them, but that’s my fault and not of the design of the toy.

The toy itself is amazingly sturdy, I am forever paranoid with toys that they break off or fall apart but as I said it has been dropped many times and not a scratch has appeared onto the paint work or even the wood itself, which is a sign of a good quality toy, the pegs that hold the bricks are stuck into place and I have given them a good tug to make sure they wont come out and so far so good, I always find wooden toys to last a lot longer than plastic ones and I feel like this toy will be a forever part of the toy box.

The Hape Fantasia Blocks Train is a stunning toy that looks amazing on show and is getting lots of love from all my children who enjoy anything with wheels and I can see it being used for many years to come and at the price of £19.99 is fantastic price for such a wonderful toy.

Disclaimer - This product was sent to me for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Does anyone else love sitting down and browsing Instagram, I’ve been finding myself do this more and more each day, my husband jokes that its a middle class thing but i have began to adore prints and posters, I used to think these kind of things looked silly but now that I have had the chance to mess around with some fantastic prints from Desino which is an absolutely beautiful company that has many amazing styles and designs for any room in the house.

If any of you have been watching my Insta stories I have been painting my kitchen, its something that has been in the works for a while now and one day I had enough and started painting away with some beautiful dark grey paint.. but a new painted wall is only exciting when it has beautiful artwork included on it, these fabulous prints really make my kitchen wall they are the Herb Green and the Vegetable Posters and I think they look perfect. The kitchen is always overlooked when it comes to styling, we use it every day so why not make it look beautiful and add your own little touches, I adore the styling of these prints, its almost a quirky look that I honestly feel works beautifully in my kitchen above my oven and while the Whales Poster doesn’t really fit into the kitchen, I love how it looks against the grey paint of the wall.

Along with those prints I also ordered a few prints for the children’s play room, I am now officially addicted to adding new and amazing art to their room to make it look beautiful (if only they kept it tidy hey!) simplistic and beautiful that as I have said before simply just make a room look perfect and this World Map Animal poster really fits perfectly in the room.

Along with stunning prints Desino also offer a selection of frames to order along side the prints, so that you do not have to worry about getting the wrong size once your order arrives at your door, I went with black frames because I always find that black literally goes with anything and gives a good border between the print itself and the wall behind it, browsing through the website right now and I am finding more and more prints I want to add to my home, namely these stunning floral prints that I honestly feel that they would look beautiful in our bedroom and I am now itching to make a new order!

if you adore amazing prints that are great quality and as I have said just seem to make a room feel complete then I highly recommend you get onto Desino and have a look around and use the code “mummycatnotes” gives 25% off posters* between May 22nd and May 24th *Except for frames and  handpicked-/collaboration posters.




Now those who have been following my blog for a while now will be aware that I adore this company, I have reviewed them twice here and here and when they asked if I would like to test out their latest product I of course said yes, well Amelia said yes, I just returned the email.

Nail a Peel is basicsally the same product as the Gel a Peel but designed to be used to create nail art.
Inside the pack, which was the Deluxe Colour kit, you will find three nail wheels to create your fun artwork onto, Five gel polishes in different colors, a collection of pretty confetti and glitter to add to it along with a plastic mold to create cute bows and other things you can attack onto the fake nail and other bits that you would find in a standard pack (design sheet etc) along with it all is some handy nail adhesive stickers to help with placing them onto the nail so there is no fighting with the sticky nail glue.

I will start off saying this are really fiddly to do, so its more of an older child’s toy, Amelia struggled to create anything so asked me to design her something and surprise her, and I am not the most steady handed person so this was a bit of a task but I feel like I did a good job in creating something pretty for her. I just used the applicator that you attach onto the top of the gel polish rather than the brush applicator because of the thickness of the gel, this was a little difficult to do.


Leaving them to dry over 24 hours I do not think they look that bad! I would love to see someone who is talented in nail art give them a go and see what they can create with the product, we popped them off and stuck them onto her nails using the stickers and as you can see I have one very happy Amelia.

We really enjoyed playing around with this toy and while there is now glitter everywhere its been a fun little addition to our craft box and I plan on getting some more false nails to create more in future, but I feel that it is best suited for much older children who have a steady hand and the patience to sit and create on such a small surface.
If you are interested in seeing what else is in the Nail a Peel range then follow this handy little link here, however I will also add that once the gel has fully dried it, if you are not careful can peel off but I guess that’s the beautiful of the product is that you can peel things off and start again with a new creation.

Until next time.