September was such a weirdo old month, we got out and about a lot of it but it was a quiet one with Mr S away for a lot of it, all the parenting duties landed on me. but as I said, we still got out.

We went conker collecting, visited my mum many times and even went to Epping Forest which is just up the road from us. it is now officially autumn but the leaves have been dropping since the beginning of September with the combination of the ex tropical storm Helene and two British storms within 24 hours of each other.

We have explored, collected many beautiful things that you would find in autumn and enjoyed seeing the season change once again.

The children themselves are back at school so it means time with the smallest of the family, who has been happy to deal with my walks around my local area collecting as many sticks as she can find.

I think like everyone else who hated the heat of summer, we are so glad to finally see the beauty that is the autumn months!



The ‘Sightings from’ Linky is run by the beautiful Caitlyis over on her blog at the start of every month, I love this linky as it gets my trigger finger snapping and makes me get out and take my camera with me, you can find her post here if you fancy joining up.