May was such a weird month, a mixture of extremely hot days and some really wet and rainy ones, the month started with an almost full moon and ended on one too, which I managed to snap with my coolpix camera as I have seen so many wonderful zoomed shots of the moon using this camera before, we visited my mum twice and had far to much to eat as usual, the children built mud pies in her garden while Robin ran in and out of her house, Blossom and pollen everywhere so I didn’t really enjoy the month, spending a lot of it with itchy eyes but it was beautiful, everyone loves a good dandelion head!

Pancakes during half term with lots and lots of Minecraft being played as it was such a soggy week off school, adorable fledgling baby birds and plenty of artwork..

.. and of course stealing mummy’s washi tape to stack and build..

despite the weather it wasn’t that bad.. I don’t think anyone expected the heat after such a cold start to the year, but its not been THAT hard to deal with, I have probably been a grumpy mummy during it but I am now counting down the days until autumn… without three months to go!




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