Keeping the Kids Busy Outdoors in the Summer

When school’s out, all the kids want to do is stay indoors and play with their gadgets. It’s hard not to think of this as a waste though, because summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. You can make this season more fun for them by introducing activities that they can only enjoy when they’re out in the sun.

Outdoor Picnics

Picnics are a great opportunity for children to get some much needed fresh air and learn more about nature. They can also give the entire family a chance to bond.

You can opt to have a picnic in your own garden, but why not take things a step further and plan a picnic in one of England’s beautiful nature spots? The Telegraph’s list of the best UK picnic spots include places like the Quarry Bank in Cheshire and the Beningbrough’s gardens in York, in case you need ideas.

To help get the kids excited for the trip, you can promise to serve them their favourite deserts at the picnic or encourage them to help out with making the picnic.

Water Fight

If you don’t own an inflatable pool, you can host a water fight instead! It’s a fun outdoor activity to keep the family cool on a hot day. Use your garden hoses or sprinklers as playful weapons, or give the kids water guns for them to defend themselves. For a cheaper alternative, you can buy some water balloons. You can even use the games as a creative method for watering your lawn. To ensure that no water goes to waste (and to keep your water bill down), be sure to set a time limit.


There are several ways to turn your garden into an interesting area for the kids. For one, you can introduce them to gardening by assigning a space for them to grow their own plants. Kids are naturally curious, so they may love the idea. My children were fascinated by the tomato plants we once attempted to grow. Not only is gardening a great way to try your hand at growing your own food, it’s also a fun summer hobby that can teach children the value of responsibility.

Garden Playground

Why not transform your garden into a playground? If you have logs lying around, you can arrange them as stepping logs for the kids. It’s a simple activity that can teach them balance and coordination. You can also invest in a little playhouse, so that kids can have their own “home” away from home. Screwfix notes the significance of garden playhouses, stating that they can allow a child’s imagination to run wild. You can empower them with their own space, which they can even use as storage for their outdoor toys.

A Scavenger Hunt

Here’s yet another fun game that allows kids to learn about the outdoors. Prepare a treasure hunt for the kids with a promise of a prize afterwards. You can either prepare the list by writing down descriptions of the items, or drawing images of them. The items themselves can be a variety of things and do not have to be nature-related. For instance, The Spruce’s guide on a scavenger hunt includes clues for household items like the garden gnome, grill, and the post box.

These activities can help the kids appreciate the outdoors more. Additionally, they can create lasting childhood memories. Go now and prepare your summer itinerary so that the family can have a summer blast, and a season to remember.


With the summer holiday just around the corner and finding nothing to do without breaking the bank and you will be honestly surprised what is actually in London to enjoy and explore so I wanted to share some fun things that you can do in our capital city that you might enjoy doing with your children and you can find many top deals on London attractions with Groupon!

The Science Museum

One of my favorite memories of visiting London is exploring this wonderful museum, in South Kensington, Founded in 1857 and I think me and my family have visited the place so many times, I have plans to take my children there at some point, the excitement of running up to find the amazing glass bridge which I remember being told was ‘musical’ when in fact it was a marvel of engineering, a glass bridge that was supported with steel wires!

The Natural History Museum

If you are a fan of dinosaurs and the history of our natural world then this is the place to head to, I also have some wonderful fond memories of walking into the big hall and seeing Dippy the Diplodocus (Who is currently on tour around the UK), walking into the Darwin exhibitions and seeing evolution right before your eyes, my absolute love of dinosaurs and planet earth comes from this wonderful place.

Madam Tussaud’s

You cannot go into London without going to one of the biggest attractions, meet famous celebrities and heads of states.. well their wax figures I mean, the last time I went they had this fun area full of histories serial killers which was housed in this dark maze with many actors making people jump, it was absolutely amazing if a little scary.

Tate Modern

One of the most amazing art galleries you can find, with famous modern works of art some of which you might recognize and others you have never heard of, one of the big things about the Tate Modern is their giant exhibition area which has often been in the news with different and often interactive works namely a giant slide or complete darkness, if you can manage to go when one of these are showing then you are lucky to experience it.

Hyde Park

If you don’t mind a bit of a walk, up the Mall past the Queens residence is the beautiful Hyde Park with paddle boats and of course the wonderful Diana Memorial which you can dip you tired feet in during a hot day, Hyde Park isn’t to far from the first two attractions that I mentioned so are wonderful if you want to go and eat some lunch and take time out in this rare piece of green surrounded by the city.


What fun things do you enjoy getting up to in London? or even your own city/town.

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