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July was just a wonderful month, it was also one of the hottest months in a long while and its honestly been tough dealing with the heat while parenting, my blogging sort of took a back seat as I lost motivation to blog during the heatwave that covered England, feels odd that just a few months ago it was frozen, its safe to say I cannot wait until autumn and winter which as of now is only a month away.

Yes I have been counting down the days since the end of winter.

This month has been full of fun, adventure and memories. I decided to take the time to visit my old childhood home in the country and place some flowers at the grave that my aunt, grandma and granddad are buried which I talked about in a Photograph Sunday, I was sad to notice that there hadn’t been anything placed at the grave at all and it had become very weather worn, so mum and I cleaned it up and placed some flowers and it made me really appreciate my families past and make sure my children do not forget them.

Beach Life is Real..

It was also the hottest month on record, it hit 30 every single day of July and it was horrific! it has been beautiful don’t get me wrong and the sky has been full of blue and the odd cloud but my goodness has it been hard for those who like the cold weather, However thankfully it was stunning when we went away for our first family holiday and met my wonderful blogger friend Becca, her blog is here if you want to give her a read and I recommend you also give her a follow on twitter too, the children played in the sea and we all got a little sunburn but it was beautiful and thanks to the sea breeze it wasn’t to bad.

We took a trip to our local paddling pool which ended up getting full of rubbish thanks to the idiots in the world, plus we also took a trip into London to see Dinosaurs in the Wild which was so much fun, Decided to take a trip to visit my mum for dinner and saw how much Amelia’s tomato plant has grown.

All in all July was, despite the heat, such a wonderful month for us. I felt very positive in everything and I am excited to see what I snap in the month of August!!.


The ‘Sightings from..’ Linky is run by the beautiful Caitlyis every month to celebrate in photos of what we see throughout the year, if you wish to join up head on over to her blog.


We as a family do not go away very often, I think its just down to the price or the fact that our parents arent the ones who book the all important tickets for you but now that we are adults its time for us to plan and prep for the up and coming sunny days away in our beautiful world and what better than to do a little run down of all the exciting things you can find when after you’ve done the all important and adult thing which is to book Majorca flights and hotel


Palma Aquarium

Housing one of the largest shark tanks in the world, this amazing place is a must if you are visiting with children, we all know how much children love seeing fish float about in the calm and dark of the walkways, its beautiful and educational, with animals from all over our ocean and an incredible collection of marine plant life, the Aquarium itself has one many awards and is one of the islands top destinations for tourists, a must to add to your holiday bucket list.

Katmandu Park  –

Located in Magaluf and is the only theme park in Majorca this amazing theme park is full of lots of things to do with the family, from fun splash parks to the exciting Asylum which is for older children only and many many more fun things to do for all the family, open from April to October is a perfect addition to an exciting holiday abroad

Palma Cathedral –

Situated in the city of Palma is this amazing gothic cathedral which over looks the sea and if you are anything like my husband then you would love this amazing piece of history and I know being the photographer in the family would be endlessly snapping away at the beautiful architecture

Caves of Drach – 

If you are up for some exploring then this is the place to go head to Porto Cristo and there you will find the cave, inside the cave itself is Lake Martel which is known for being one of the largest underground lakes in the world, if you would travel by boat across the lake you will find classical music which is played daily at the location. a stunning piece of natural history in the making and a fascinating look at geography.

Now that I’ve shared these amazing places, where would you visit on Majorca?

Until next time

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Keeping the Kids Busy Outdoors in the Summer

When school’s out, all the kids want to do is stay indoors and play with their gadgets. It’s hard not to think of this as a waste though, because summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. You can make this season more fun for them by introducing activities that they can only enjoy when they’re out in the sun.

Outdoor Picnics

Picnics are a great opportunity for children to get some much needed fresh air and learn more about nature. They can also give the entire family a chance to bond.

You can opt to have a picnic in your own garden, but why not take things a step further and plan a picnic in one of England’s beautiful nature spots? The Telegraph’s list of the best UK picnic spots include places like the Quarry Bank in Cheshire and the Beningbrough’s gardens in York, in case you need ideas.

To help get the kids excited for the trip, you can promise to serve them their favourite deserts at the picnic or encourage them to help out with making the picnic.

Water Fight

If you don’t own an inflatable pool, you can host a water fight instead! It’s a fun outdoor activity to keep the family cool on a hot day. Use your garden hoses or sprinklers as playful weapons, or give the kids water guns for them to defend themselves. For a cheaper alternative, you can buy some water balloons. You can even use the games as a creative method for watering your lawn. To ensure that no water goes to waste (and to keep your water bill down), be sure to set a time limit.


There are several ways to turn your garden into an interesting area for the kids. For one, you can introduce them to gardening by assigning a space for them to grow their own plants. Kids are naturally curious, so they may love the idea. My children were fascinated by the tomato plants we once attempted to grow. Not only is gardening a great way to try your hand at growing your own food, it’s also a fun summer hobby that can teach children the value of responsibility.

Garden Playground

Why not transform your garden into a playground? If you have logs lying around, you can arrange them as stepping logs for the kids. It’s a simple activity that can teach them balance and coordination. You can also invest in a little playhouse, so that kids can have their own “home” away from home. Screwfix notes the significance of garden playhouses, stating that they can allow a child’s imagination to run wild. You can empower them with their own space, which they can even use as storage for their outdoor toys.

A Scavenger Hunt

Here’s yet another fun game that allows kids to learn about the outdoors. Prepare a treasure hunt for the kids with a promise of a prize afterwards. You can either prepare the list by writing down descriptions of the items, or drawing images of them. The items themselves can be a variety of things and do not have to be nature-related. For instance, The Spruce’s guide on a scavenger hunt includes clues for household items like the garden gnome, grill, and the post box.

These activities can help the kids appreciate the outdoors more. Additionally, they can create lasting childhood memories. Go now and prepare your summer itinerary so that the family can have a summer blast, and a season to remember.


Well looking back at last months goals, I honestly didn’t achieve many of them, life got in the way along with the summer heat and to be honest nothing really got done, my fault completely but I’m an optimistic person and like to attempt to try again with many of my goals, but I will attempt the ones I didn’t in June along with ones I hope to create for July!

  Go for walks – it’s hot, and I’m lazy so naturally I’d rather spend time in front of the fan and not go outside where the pollen is high and the temperature is horrible, but I want to try and get out more for walks in the morning when it’s cooler, Robin and I used to walk all the time and I don’t know what happened to make us stop, but I want to get back into doing that.

Spend more time with Dann – we both work, he works full time and on his website and sometimes we never find time to do anything together, my work is usually the children and housework so by the end of the day I’m exhausted and just want to crash into bed, but we are trying to spend an evening together once a week, either a movie or simply me sitting and watching him play a game, it’s nice to just chat about stupid stuff going on in the game.

Be more creative – I’m useless, I’m trying to learn how to write calligraphy and other fancy lettering but I am just a complete butter fingers and also not confident in myself with doing it, but I want to continue to learn and start using it in my everyday life for cards and even my bullet journal, which has been forgotten thanks to just being mad busy and not feeling very clever with how I do it.

My blog is going great, but with anything I want to continue to improve it week by week, I’m considering changing up my logos a bit and having look cleaner and better but it does look okay now, I think I’ll always been changing it up and working on it

My main goal for my blog is to just keep writing, I had a slump last week when I just didn’t want to do anything and I really want to prevent that from happening again, I blame the heat and tiredness for that hah.

Anyone else excited about Autumn?

I managed to reach my Instagram goal of 300 followers and I am so pleased! I’ve worked so hard on it lately and I feel like it’s paying off and unfortunately I didn’t reach my twitter goal of 2,000 but these are my social media goals for the following month

Instagram : 400

Twitter : 2,000

I still want to attempt the 2,000 followers, I expect it will remain my goal until I reach it hah! But I’m pleased with the steady growth that’s occurring despite the follow/unfollow that seems to be going on.

And there you have it, my July Monthly Goals!

What have you got down as your goals?



I hate the heat, I think I have made this pretty obvious in a few posts in the past, and thankfully I am not the only one who cannot stand the sunshine, the warm weather and the endless headaches that the heat can cause.. plus with heat comes pollen and then I am a walking sneezing sad person who just wants nothing more to hide inside and never come out.

When I am suffering I tend to just hide inside, I realize I sounds like a complete bore but whenever there is a situation that its needed to outside, I avoid it at all costs, family meals when everyone apart from you wants to sit outside in the sun and the bugs, what do I do, why I sit inside! and there is nothing wrong with not being a sun worshiper, I am overweight so that’s one of the main reasons why I dislike the hot weather and I also suffer with bad hay fever, I once had a meal over my aunts home and we sat outside, it was shady so I hoped it wouldn’t be to bad but I ended up with the worst allergic reaction to something that I’ve ever dealt with and retreated inside to suffer in silence and what surprised me the most about my dislike for the heat is just how many others also hate it, I honestly felt like the only one who just simply didn’t want to go outside or sit in the shade..

and with summer fast approaching, I decided to asked some wonderful mums out there to shade their top tips of keeping cool when you just cannot deal with it all and they offered some wonderful tips that I am going to share with you, so you can also deal with the heat and know you are not suffering in silence, or being anti social just because you like being inside!


 “I tend to sit in the shade and grumble and when I have to I get the hose on spray mode and hold in over my head” – Nicole from The Littlest Darlings 

“Spend good money on a great air con/fan – I see it as an investment because I will always be this way and it will always be on full blast every year as soon as the temperature goes above 20 degrees” – Kate from Ever After with Kids 

“We make up juice and leave it in the fridge. I hate the heat and I find cold drinks are the best way to cool down.” – Pete from Household Money Saving

“Not a fan of the heat. Get as many windows open as possible, plenty of cool drinks to stay hydrated and avoid the sun as much as I can” – Candace from Buckets of Tea

“Keep the bedroom curtains closed during the day- it really helps to keep it cool for bedtime” – Vicki from Family Travel with Ellie

Fill the freezer with plenty of ice lollies, fill ice cube trays and make smoothies with frozen fruit. I bought a big cannister that we keep in the fridge and each evening I fill it with water, lemons, cucumbers and mint leaves – it is delicious and really refreshing” – Carla-marie from Mybump2baby

“I love the heat but my son who has eczema really struggles. We bought an air conditioning unit for his bedroom and it was worth every penny. When it gets really hot I pop in there for some relief too! Also black out blinds in his bedroom helps to keep it cooler during the day.” – Michelle from Time and Pence offers us a different perspective of the heat.

“Freeze a hot water bottle and pop it in your bed at night, it will help cool you down when trying to sleep at night.” – Anne from Midwife Mama Bear

“Dress as comfortably as possible and wear light clothes. Avoid black because black absorbs heat. Although I have shopping, I like to go to the shopping centers when it’s hot outside because it tends to be cooler in there. I’ll grab myself a Caramel Frappuccino and I’ll shop around” – Eliza from My Everything Beautiful

“I find heat is only bearable when you’re actually on holiday. When you have to do normal work or parent things it’s more stressful!” –  Ayse from Arepops (I 100% agree with this one)

“I put a packet of facial wipes or baby wipes in the fridge, they make a quick refreshing cool down when it’s hot! ” –  Bee from The Lupie Mummy

All such wonderful tips from fellow sun haters! I am going to definitely put some of these to the test as the weather continues to get warmer and we edge closer and closer to summer!

What have been your top tips of staying cool when the weather is against you?

Until next time