As last week we was in the car coming home from holiday I never got around to doing my weekly photo post but no matter, here is this weeks photo taken at Weymouth where we stayed.

I took Kai out to the beach front and told him about this magical time called the ‘Golden Hour’ when everything thanks to the sun setting turns into this beautiful colour and is just the best time to take photos.

My son learnt about cameras and other little bits that I know and we had a lovely time just the both of us which is a rare thing what with the other two taking up most of my time.

Until next time


Being the idiot that I am, I completely forgot last weeks photograph Sunday post! But fear not! I haven’t forgotten this weeks!

Pictures of the sky have to be my favourite thing, this one reminds me of those beautiful paintings of the sky that just look perfect, the sky in general is my favourite thing.. the colours and the stars and of you are lucky around April time you’ll get a glimpse of a red dot called Mars.

I’ll try not to forget next weeks 🙂


On Thursday, we lost power.. the reason as it turns out was because it was a bit windy and some power lines got wobbled about a bit.. but it also rained, very exciting I know!

But after the rain settled and just before sunset we was treated to the most amazing sky I’ve seen in a while.

My front room turned red and I had to get some photos before it went away and of course it did as quickly as it appeared.

The sky was on fire, clouds glowed bright orange/yellow and it was a beautiful end to a slightly dark and cold evening!

Until next time

Mummy Cat