Babyled was founded off the back of basic parenting worries, weaning, Keith and his wife decided to introduce their new baby when it was time to wean to a mixed feeding routine of solid and purees, developing a spread that can be mixed into pasta or made into a little sandwich, Its such a unique way to deal with the cross over between BLW and Traditional weaning which usually is full of arguments on which one is best.

Our weaning journey was extremely different, I found Robin to not be ready when it came time for her to wean into solid food, at six months she still had the reflex to push food out of her mouth when given some, We went down the traditional weaning route with purees that increase texture as she got older and a mixture of jars and homemade products.

As she got older, we still had plenty of these early stage purees in the cupboard, which prompted me to create little pies or pinwheels that she or even Kai and Amelia devoured whenever I made them, So when I was sent these cute little jars of Babyled spreads I had to make some little puff pies for them to enjoy.

I of course had to use the Spicy Pumpkin and Chickpea spread for this little pie, seeing as its pumpkin spice season, there was just enough inside the jar for two puff pies, using Tesco ready made puff pastry that I find always useful to have stored in the fridge for just such an occasion.

Cut up the pastry to the idea size, I went with two rectangle shapes so there was plenty to create a little lid to seal it all up, pour on the spread, dab a small amount of water along the edge of the pastry and using the back of a fork, crimp to prevent spillage. I then brushed the top of the pastry with some milk to give it that extra crunch and popped into the oven for 25 minutes, according to the instructions on the ready roll puff pastry.

Once that is all done and out of the oven, I let them cool before giving them to the children, of course because I have more than one I cut the two puff pies up and before I knew it, all three of my children had devoured them and asked for more.

Which in my eyes is a good sign of a yummy meal!

Have you ever tried Babyled spreads? 



Disclaimer - Product was gifted to me, all thoughts are my own.

I went shopping, what a surprise I know! but while I was walking around my local Tesco’s looking for some new yummies to try, I found these Babease Baby Plan pouches! Now I am not sure if you remember but I wrote about the Ella’s Kitchen pouches before, So I was super excited to try out some new tastes for R.

At first glance the packaging is really rustic looking which I actually like, they remind me almost of packets of healthy breakfast cereals, and the list of what was in them was really interesting, Usually baby food is very bland and boring, I am not saying that’s a bad thing because all babies are different and sometimes something to spicy isn’t what they like..

Babease have the same view as Ella’s Kitchen, that vegetables should be introduced first so that the baby learns to love all things yummy and healthy which I do agree with, I am very for introducing veg and fruit as early as possible in the weaning journey as I mentioned before that when I weaned my son back in 2010, it was recommended to just use baby rice.


Broccoli, parsnip and lentils was R’s favorite,  she gobbled it down and then looked for more, I did add some pasta stars to it to give it more lumps but I do that with the Ella’s Kitchen pouches.

She wasn’t to keen on the Beetroot pouch, it had a really strong smell of earthy beetroot which I love but I don’t think R is to keen on it and the Brown rice with swede went down really well too, I just don’t think my baby is a beetroot lover much unlike her elder siblings and her mum.


The texture of the food was good, it was just the right lumpiness for the age range they recommend, I obviously added extra lumps and bumps to make it more suitable for R, they don’t seem to have a further stage, so adding your own pasta or extra lumps is a great way to keep using these pouches future into toddlerhood.

They are a little cheaper than Ella’s Kitchen, which when you are brand friendly like me it doesn’t make much of a difference but I am happy to try more in future, these where the only three I found in my local store, so I am going to go on a hunt for more to try.

Would I recommend them  – Yes I would, if you like offering your baby new flavors then you should definitely try these, they are like Ella’s Kitchen made with 100% organic products, are vegan friendly and whats great is they are made in the UK so if you are worried about where your babies food comes from.. they are perfect for you.

I am looking forward to finding more from this brand the next time I head to the shops, and I hope you try them out too.

Until next time

Mummy Cat


Disclaimer – I paid for these with my own money, All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Weaning has always been the biggest worry for me, the 7 years since I had my first child things have changed, back then it was porridge for the first taste, do it when they seem ready blah blah blah..

These days however, everything is different.. we are now recommended to start the weaning journey around the 6 month mark and to introduce vegetables straight away rather than boring porridge which I can understand.. it allows the baby to gain a taste for all things healthy rather than processed stuff.

So Ella’s Kitchen provides a helping hand for mums with little time to cook up things every day, like me, I am a mum of three, plus I have a house to run and a cat to prevent ripping up things.

We started in the beginning of this weaning journey trying out the banana and the pea packets to much of Robins disgust, she wasn’t ready at all for weaning even at six months old, so after a few worried weeks we tried again and she loved every minute of it.

The first stage pouches are smooth and perfect for little mouths and bellies that are used to only milk and once she got the hang of it we moved her onto the lumpier pouches.


Her personal favorite is Jamaican Curried Pork, which if I am honest smells lovely! and I am really pleased how well it seems to go down, coming from a baby who at first really didn’t enjoy food, to now running into the kitchen and shouting ‘Mmmm’ at her highchair which I consider a plus!

The best thing about Ella’s Kitchen is that they are made from real ingredients, not saying other ready made baby food isn’t made from real stuff, its that Ella’s Kitchen are extremely proud of their pouches and other bits and it makes me relax in the knowledge that whats going into my children aren’t nasty chemicals but good organic meat and veg!

​We are just about to head onto more lumpier food as Robin was late to the game with weaning, and I am sure I will continue to use Ella’s Kitchen in the months to come, they are friendly and easy to use with the instructions on how to warm up right on the packet.

I recommend Ella’s Kitchen to everyone I talk to about weaning and baby food, jars and pouches aren’t bad at all and can help greatly in busy homes such as mine when time often gets away with you.

So please, go grab some when you next see them in the stores, they have a wonderful fruit range too that I have yet to try out but I think I may add them to my list next week.

Happy Eating

Mummy Cat



Disclaimer: I paid for these with my own money, All thoughts and opinions are of my own.