We are always asked what we wanted to do as a child for when we grew up into an adult and went out into the scary world of working, some of us had a dream job, the one thing that since childhood knew what they wanted to do and made it their complete life goal to achieve that job.. My husband for an example has always wanted to work in the gaming industry, whether it was making a game or even writing about them and while hes come along way from his quiet beginnings he now owns and writes on his own gaming website with a group of other fantastic writers and video editors and is making waves in the gaming industry. (His site is B3 if you are curious) but I could never pin point what I’ve always wanted to do, I couldn’t find something that would be the one thing I would dream about doing and I find that a little sad, why couldn’t I pick something? I simply couldnt even find the answer to that.

My children have some pretty good dream jobs, Amelia said to me that she wanted to be a doctor, and not just any kind of doctor but a brain one and Kai has said that he wants to be a race driver, clearly his obsession with cars sparks that dream and I am more than willing to help them get that job as long as they both are aware of how much work goes into it all, which I feel has been the biggest issue with me finding something that I truly enjoy doing.

I guess that I sit here writing this blogs that perhaps my new dream job is what I am doing now, writing.. I am very worried that I will be floating through life not knowing still when I am much older..

I asked about with other wonderful bloggers to see what their dream was and if they had achieved it, or perhaps they have found something way out of their comfort zone and enjoy it more than they expected.


 “I grew up aspiring to be an architect, then an interior designer, did a graphic design degree wanting to be an illustrator and then grew a love for photography through blogging. It’s always stayed within the creative industry so they’ve always stemmed from the creative spark I have but it’s crazy how your goals constantly change!” – Gemma 

“When I was a kid I really wanted to be either a teacher or a vet, now I’m a full time blogger and I don’t want to be anything else! It’s perfect for me. My daughter says she wants to be a blogger when she grows up too” – Louise

“I have always wanted to work in care, if that be midwifery or being a carer for the elderly i dont care!” – Rebecca 

I always really wanted to be a Mummy! However now I am one I’ve come to realise that I NEED to work alongside it just to feel a little more human so having my blog makes me feel like I’ve won the lottery as they’re two “dream jobs”” – Georgina 

“As a child I changed my mind a lot! From wanting to be a firefighter to a radio DJ! I think I never knew what I wanted to be right through to adulthood. Now, by chance, I’ve become a full time blogger and it’s absolutely my dream job to work for myself. I hope it continues”Victoria

“My mum said at one point I wanted to be a teacher or a policewoman, but I have a vivid memory of spending ages designing shoes! I was about 8 and used to take a little notebook to school to sketch my designs. I’m now a fashion designer!” – Alice


and as for me, I said above that I just didn’t know what I wanted to do, according to my mother I wanted to be a dental nurse but the thought of dealing with other peoples smell mouths is now officially off putting for me, I am fully trained to work with children, but now that I have my own I cannot think about working with them and then coming hope and repeating it.

I know at one point in my life I will find something that speaks to me, but for now, I am very happy with being a mummy and a homemaker.. perhaps that is after all my dream job?

Until next time