Wet Wednesday

Today was planned to have been a ‘let’s go for a walk’ day but once again half term in England ends up being a soggy raining one, stuck inside again with two of the children getting creative with my washing pegs. 

The smallest of the three doesn’t require much entertainment (being 6 weeks old) so in between washing, breaking up fights and giving my newborn the care she needs its been a rather boring and uneventful day.

This evening I’m planning to attend my local Slimming World group, I stopped going when I was around 34 weeks pregnant mainly because my hips and back didn’t enjoy the walk but I am returning to say hello and then rejoin next week. I actually can’t wait to get back properly but I decided to wait until 6 weeks after birth to allow full recovery I look forward to a few hours out of the house and talk to adults (besides husband) again.. Here’s to next week.

Bring it on 🙂

Mummy Cat


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