Finally Friday.

Busy day today!

The health visitor visited today to check Robin over and weigh her, she is a wonderful 8lbs 11oz now after being born at 5lbs 8, she wasn’t to early only two weeks early but is my smallest of the three, while she’s gaining weight she’s still on the small side and will need to be measured again in a few months to make sure she’s growing properly.

Also today was mine and hers 6 week check up with the GP, we are both fine but Robin has a Umbilical hernia – I did a quick google when I got home to learn that it’s common in premature babies and likely to go away on its own, worst case is surgery but I don’t expect it to come to that but once again I am meant to go back and have it checked in a few months.

After the little adventure we made some Just Roll Cinnamon rolls (YUM) which I plan to enjoy later and settled down for the weekend!

Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Mummy Cat



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