Chicken Pox

The dreaded chicken pox has entered my home, my eldest daughter Amelia came home from school with a small collection of annoying spots on Thursday and they’ve slowly got worse over the course of the weekend, she doesn’t seem to bothered about them and only has 4 at the minute.. I used Dr Google and she has none of the symptoms that the NHS claims she should have, just those horrid itchy spots.

My soon to be 8 week old shouldn’t catch them as she has my immunity and my eldest baby Kai had them when he was a baby while I was expecting Amelia so we are all fine.

As Robin is 8 weeks this week its almost time for her 8 week immunisations but we are still waiting for her birth certificate to come back from the taxman as I had to add her to my child benefit claim. all my information arrived but not her birth certificate and she isn’t fully registered at the doctors yet.

I cannot fully believe she is 8 weeks now.. my babies are growing far to quickly.

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