The First Days of the Summer Holidays.

As a parent of now two school aged children my years start and end when the schools do, the amount of times I have had to correct myself when talking about ‘next year’ being next term in September rather than the correct end of year in the cold month of December.

The first day has started with a relaxing day at home, I will class Saturday to be the first day rather than Monday.. We are indoors doing housework and waiting for the tescos food shop to arrive šŸ™‚ it’s also a little warm to head out just yet but the plan is to go Pokemon hunting (yes I know) and get some fresh air which was a complete success.

Sunday was fun day! my mum popped round for the afternoon and we left Mr D at home to work on his website ( and head to the park, on the way there we bumped into one of Amelia’s little friends from school and joined him with a fun hour at the local paddling pool, everyone besides Robin got soaked! it was great fun and the plan is to make the most of it during the summer, and while the weather is pleasant.

On the way back Kai surprised us, he managed to peddle unaided on his bike! no stabilizers! I am honestly one proud mummy cat šŸ™‚ Ā 

I shall be back to type about what we get up to for the rest of the week soon.. summer holidays are taking over!!!

Mummy Cat (and her three kittens)



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