DIY – Reusing ‘Yankee Candle’ style jars.

This is a pretty simple DIY – I adore candles and candle holders but more often than not I have more candles than holders.. so what I decided to do was use some old yankee candle style jars (one is an actual yankee candle) and turn them into jars for tea candles.

You will need some old candles, a knife or spoon, a dishwasher, some warm water and a paper towel.

Get the knife or spoon inside the wax and gently dig around in the jar (BE CAREFUL!!)

and it should pop out smoothly like this, I found the official yankee candle to be easier to remove the wax than the Poundland alternative.

Give it a little clean, this one didn’t need much doing to it unlike the others which needed hot water and a run in the dishwasher.

Add tea candles and ta-daaah! you have a new place to pop your tea candles in.. now that its nearly the darker months I can see myself doing this a bit more.

Toodles for now

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