Our Cat Artie.

A few weeks ago now my wonderful cat Artie had to be taken to the vets, he had lost a lot of weight over the course of 23 weeks and we honestly put it down to the fact that our newest Kitten had arrived and he was finding it a bit stressful, they couldn’t find anything wrong with him but gave him some anti inflammation medication and see how things went, he seemed to have gotten better on the medication so we didn’t go back to see the vet again..

On the 2nd of October things changed, he was sleeping a lot and when the eldest Kittens returned from their weekly trip to nannies house he would follow them around and rest his head to one side.

We called the vets, this was a Sunday, and they got me to bring him in to check him out, after some bloods it turns out he had low potassium and they wanted to get him onto a drip over night and to perform an X-ray.. the X-ray showed kidney stones! What are the odds!?
Monday morning comes around and the vets called and told us that they think it may be neurological so mum and I went to see them at lunch time and after seeing him we made the choice to do the best for him and put him to sleep.

And on Monday 3rd October at 12:30 my lovely boy Artie died 😦

I am sad but after seeing him I knew that it was the only thing we could’ve done, he didn’t even know who I was, he didn’t sniff the air, he just flopped to one side and looked confused.

I kept my promise to him (as stupid as that sounds) to sit with him when he died, and I did, stroking his head.. I knew when he went as his ears stopped reacting to my touch..

Goodbye lovely Artie x


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