The Essex Baby Show 2016

So on Sunday 20th November, my mum, Robin and I went to the city of Chelmsford for The Essex Baby Show, I have been hyper about this since I discovered we had one in the county of Essex, I didn’t want to travel into London you see.. and it was great fun! 

I actually saved up for a few weeks so I could have some spending money there.. and who could resist lovely baby things? 
I got these beautiful little pieces from Fred and Noah who I actually follow on Instagram.
A rubber rainbow star chew toy as she’s just starting to get teeth and mamas and papas mobile phone (because she’s always stealing mine) 
And my mum bought the three kittens winter hats
Of course there was plenty of freebies too!
The plan is to definitely go again next year and get to the more local one the Hertfordshire baby show which is only a town away from me! I am hoping to be a bit more confident next year and snap more photos of the booths and the room.
Until next time
Mummy Cat x

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