Finally! My eldest kittens are back at school, they should’ve gone back the week before but they had an extra week off aaahh!!

It’s not been that bad, they spent most of it playing in their bedrooms with their toys with only a few arguments between them.. I was just glad that it was back to normal and back to a routine again after the damage that Christmas brought!
Their first week back I literally spend three days in town enjoying a little peace and quiet, being able to shop without a little voice asking for something or demanding that they ‘like’ something.
I also took the plunge and got myself a monthly subscription to a box, the BirchBox – i am a total newbie when it comes to makeup so what better way to experience and learn than a monthly makeup box!!
My friend had her baby last week and I’m super excited about meeting her, I love babies! Trying desperately to fight the urge to have one more (or two or three) but space is the issue now 🙁
Time to move then hah!!
Until next time
Mummy Cat x

2016 was a mad crazy year for us, we went from a family of 4 to a family of 5, lost dear companions and family members and watched parts of the world change political..

What does 2017 have lined up I wonder, I aim to be a little more active on my blog, it’s difficult finding time to write up about events while the children are off school.. but once they are back Robin and I hope to have some big adventures.
Robin has been selected to be a Brand Rep for an amazing small company I found on Facebook, here’s a link to her Etsy page, she makes memory blankets and dolls, skirts, dresses and bibs! I plan to write up a little review of the blanket she made shortly.
I hope to become more healthy and active using my Fitbit and treadmill, I don’t wish to loose a great deal of weight, the aim is to just be healthy and not restricted myself.
And that’s all really.. I finally upgraded my phone too so blogging and photographs will be a lot easier! Thank you Tescos! Hah
Anyway until next time 
Mummy Cat