Hello Goodbye

2016 was a mad crazy year for us, we went from a family of 4 to a family of 5, lost dear companions and family members and watched parts of the world change political..

What does 2017 have lined up I wonder, I aim to be a little more active on my blog, it’s difficult finding time to write up about events while the children are off school.. but once they are back Robin and I hope to have some big adventures.
Robin has been selected to be a Brand Rep for an amazing small company I found on Facebook, here’s a link to her Etsy page, she makes memory blankets and dolls, skirts, dresses and bibs! I plan to write up a little review of the blanket she made shortly.
I hope to become more healthy and active using my Fitbit and treadmill, I don’t wish to loose a great deal of weight, the aim is to just be healthy and not restricted myself.
And that’s all really.. I finally upgraded my phone too so blogging and photographs will be a lot easier! Thank you Tescos! Hah
Anyway until next time 
Mummy Cat

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