Weaning progression.


A few months back I posted about my worries with weaning, how Robin wasn’t taking any interest in the spoon and I was fearful about BLW and a choking hazard.

Today I introduced lumps! We’ve progressed so much since my first fears and she now devours her food like a champ, I even let her crunch on a rusk this morning which she thoroughly enjoyed and created plenty of mess.
I’m proud of how far we’ve come with traditional weaning, I realize the fad at the minute is baby led and after having my second daughter choke on her food a few times I prefer feeding Robin with a spoon and mushy food.
She’s obviously behind with feeding given that she simply wasn’t interested until later but she adores her food.. and mine… and anyone else’s for that matter..
I’m excited for our future in weaning and I can’t wait until she’s moving onto different textures and tastes.
Until next time
Mummy Cat

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