Slowly turning into a buggy addict..

I bought a bugaboo… 

A friend of mine was selling hers and I jumped at the chance to get it! It’s an old frog but I am slowly doing it up, I brought ‘it’ new front and back wheels and a new hood and various other bits.

It’s basically a frog in cam clothing heh! 

I am a Quinny girl at heart but I’ve been looking at purchasing a bugaboo for a while, I like the styling and the amount of customisation that can be done with them. 


And with the fact that the car seat can fit on both the Quinny and the bugaboo, it’s being used a lot like the photo above.

Robin seems to enjoy it and I love the smoothness of pushing it..

That’s it… I’ve been converted! I’ve been looking at the bugaboo buffalo but I am sure that my husband won’t be too pleased with another buggy!

Am I the only one with an buggy addiction? Certainly not but I think my next one will definitely be a Bug

Until Next time

Mummy Cat


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