Water Wipes – Are they worth it?


For the past week Robin and I have been testing out Water Wipes, I got them from my local boots and was shocked at the price of a single packet (£2.50)

Unfortunately for Robin, this week she has had a bit of an upset stomach and I’ve had to use the wipes a lot, from the first use I noticed how wet they felt compared to my usual Tescos fragrance free ultra soft wipes, which is the brand that I am comparing to Water Wipes.

She didn’t seem to have any reaction to them which was handy as her poor little bottom did get a bit of nappy rash, but as before compared to my usual brand, they didn’t cause any unwanted reaction either.

Their size is also a lot smaller than my main brand, and considering the price you get 60 small wipes for £2.50… they aren’t kind on your wallet like they are to your baby’s bottom..


The only thing, beside the price, that I was annoyed at was the packaging, it had the plastic peel back lid which my usual wipe brand had a clip lid which prevents the wipes from going dry, or in the case of water wipes, getting everything in my changing bag wet (thank goodness for my yummy mummy wet bag!) 


So really all in all, they aren’t really worth the price.

If your baby has sensitive skin I can see their place in the nappy bag but for me I’ll happily stick to my usual cheaper tescos brand of wipes.

Until next time

Mummy Cat

5 thoughts on “Water Wipes – Are they worth it?

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  2. We tried them on our twins, and we found them really quite dry, so they were ineffective really. And annoyingly we’d bought a big bulk box from Amazon! Hahaha! So we had soooo many to use. Of all the wipes we’ve tried, (and that’s a lot), our favourite is Aldi sensitive wipes. #oldschoolposts

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