(Actually on a Friday this week!!) 

This week I haven’t taken that many photos with my Nikon, but I did take this photo of the blossom with my phone.

It’s hard to believe that we are so close to summer now, when spring took an age to get here.

Mummy Cat.


Here we are, one week later after my post about not spending for a month (I believe I posted it on a Saturday but going by how my Friday photo ended up on Saturday… ) 

The week started good, I paid my gas and electricity which is £40 and I had my phone bill which is also £40, I then had a planned shopping trip into town to get cat food and other bits of food for Robin which ended up to £50.

So in my first week I have managed to save £50 🙂 I am really pleased with that, all items I have brought have been needed and I haven’t brought anything that I didn’t need (like a bugaboo buffalo… even if I want one badly!) 

I’m excited for next week and how much I plan to save 🙂

Here’s to saving! 🥂

Mummy Cat.


Well I’m useless!! Friday was a busy one for us as it’s the first week back for the children.

But here’s my favourite photo I’ve taken that week.

Someone forgot their Easter egg 🙂

Mummy Cat


I cannot believe we are finally here, a full year has gone past since I met my third kitten and what a crazy year it’s been, we never planned to add to our family, she was a little accident in our comfortable routine life but she’s now one.


I still remember the day I found out I was expecting her, I just got my post with a pack of test in them as it’s always handy to have them in the cupboard, took one anyway because who doesn’t like taking pregnancy tests (I’m not the only one don’t judge me!!) and suddenly two lines appeared! I called my husband in tears, we didn’t expect to get pregnant, the plan was to get my older two at school full time and me find a job between school hours..

How things changed! Now I’m continuing my stay at home ‘job’ until she goes into full time education when she’s 4

I love watching her grow and develop every day, just the other day she started walking around, she beat her big brother and sister by 4 months, but I am feeling a little sad about the fact she’s not this tiny baby anymore, time doesn’t slow down and it isn’t fair!

We are going to spend the day with family, cake and lots of new toys!

Until next time

A very emotional Mummy Cat.


A few weeks ago, a wonderful friend of mine who I met through a Facebook baby group (she runs her own blog too) started making these beautiful chalkboard momentos. 
They. Are. Stunning!

I decided to order one for Robin for her first birthday as I’ve been taking monthly ‘milestone’ photos of her and figured that the big 1 needed to be a bit more special.

They are completely customisable, within reason to the amazing talents and I highly recommend you contact her and get one!

Sizes and prices range from A4 at £22 plus postage, A3 at £25plus postage (that’s the size I got) and A2 at £27 plus postage and you can choose what you want on it. 

Sam, the designer, keeps you updated throughout the process so if there are any changes she can correct them. 

Go and take a look at her page Chalkboards by Hand and of course have a read through her wonderful blog My Mini Monkeys

Until Next time

Mummy Cat x

All thoughts and opinions are my own, I brought this with my own pennies.