The case of the rather expensive blanket.

This little tale is a fair warning to anyone who has a bit of extra cash, wants to do up their pram and decided to go after a limited edition set from Bugaboo..

 It all started with the fabrics.. I had been eyeing the Missoni fabrics for the bugaboo on eBay, found someone selling the hood and a cover for the carry cot for less than I expected so I brought now, and from then, decided I needed the whole set,

Found someone selling the blanket and put a max bid, I won as no one else placed a bid and I waited for dispatch like you all do…

The fabrics arrived fast, next day and I am in love with them! Super excited about my blanket coming I contacted the seller like I always do a day after purchase and I got no response until the next day, when she replied telling me she had a family emergency, all fine and dandy, I wished the seller well as she promised to send it out ‘today/tomorrow’ so I waited the extra two days and got a little worried that I had been scammed..

So I decided to find another one on ebay, which I did and watched it… a week had gone by and I had still not really had much contact with the other seller, they didnt respond to my ebay message so I decided to contact her via paypal, saying that if I hadnt heard of anything by a certain day I will ask for a refund…

during which I brought the other blanket not expecting the first one to actually turn up.. after I had threatened a refund the woman finally got back to me and explained that her child was in hospital and it will be sent out the next day, not anticipating the package to actually be sent I waited..

Saturday comes around, the very next day after I brought the second set, two packages turned up… 


I am now the owner of two bugaboo missoni blankets…


let that be a lesson to me not to be so impatient and probably stay off eBay!!

Until next time

Mummy Cat



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