Tilirex – handmade bibs – Review

A lovely mummy friend of mine recently started making and designing fabric bibs, I adore handmade baby items so I ordered Robin two beautiful bibs via her etsy page.. there is also a facebook page to browse and buy from if you, like me, get a bit confused with Etsy

The two bibs I picked are the Oliver space and rockets bib and the Isla bird print bib.

They are beautifully sewn together with two poppers on the back for different sizes.

I adore them, as I said I love handmade baby items and unique patterns, while the rocket bib is designed for a boy, I think it pulls off being used for any baby as after all, anyone can love space 🙂

I highly recommend you go and grab yourself some of these lovely handmade bibs! I think I may find myself ordering some more soon!

Until next time

Mummy Cat

Disclaimer: I paid for these with my own money, all views and opinions are my own.

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