You are a mother of three when…

I think as a mother of three or more we all have these moments..

  • When your new baby’s first word is ‘no’ from using it so often with the older two.
  • When you hide in the bathroom to get a five minute break from the madness.
  • When a share bag of wotsis is a suitable lunch for yourself.
  • When your cup of tea develops a skin on top, that’s how long ago you made it.
  • When your new best friend is eBay!
  • When honestly cannot remember the last time you had a grown up conversation.
  • When you know it doesn’t really matter how they are fed, just that they are! (what? beans on toast is a great meal!!).
  • When your only form of social interaction is though 200 + awesome ladies on a facebook baby group.

and finally…

  • When you cry after running out of your favorite dry hairspray and have to figure out how to fit washing your hair into tomorrows busy schedule.

Dont get me wrong, I love it… but its been one of those days today!

Mummy Cat


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