No Spend Month – the first week.

Here we are, one week later after my post about not spending for a month (I believe I posted it on a Saturday but going by how my Friday photo ended up on Saturday… ) 

The week started good, I paid my gas and electricity which is £40 and I had my phone bill which is also £40, I then had a planned shopping trip into town to get cat food and other bits of food for Robin which ended up to £50.

So in my first week I have managed to save £50 🙂 I am really pleased with that, all items I have brought have been needed and I haven’t brought anything that I didn’t need (like a bugaboo buffalo… even if I want one badly!) 

I’m excited for next week and how much I plan to save 🙂

Here’s to saving! 🥂

Mummy Cat.


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