Year One…


One year ago today I decided to start a blog, It was a half term and on a completely different website.. my baby at the time was a one month old who slept all day so I thought back then that id have plenty of time to sit down daily and write about things..

HAHA!! I still manage to sit down but not daily, mainly because that would be boring to share that today I had a cold bowl of soup because I got busy doing something else, But I am still here, I have days of doubt, am I good enough to continue this? probably not but I didn’t start it back on that rainy day to gain anything besides just an outlet to share silly events or awesome things I find on eBay.

Today compared to last year is a dry one, my now 13 month old is walking around the room as appose to sleeping on my chest, my two other kittens still watch Dinotrux. not today as they are in their bedroom ruining things, and I am still here, cleaning and trying to get on with my life.

What have I learnt in this one year.. not a lot, maybe some new tricks and some new friends in the blogging scene, my growth, not that I was planning on growing my blog.. isn’t exactly where I thought it would be in a year but I am still proud that I have stuck it out for so long.. my main problem just seems to be my constant self doubt and anxiety which I am feeling a lot lately..

But as I look back, I really shouldn’t, as my poor husband keeps telling me, it isn’t a race..

I look forward to the next year, I plan on heading back to the Essex Baby Show and try to pluck up the courage to message and work with brands..

But for now, I’ll just keep on truckin’

Mummy Cat



Next Baby Clothing – Haul


Its summer!! which means all our clothes are currently in the wrong season!.. Oh how I miss you winter and your giant cozy jumpers..

So in the spirit of the impending summers heat… I went shopping for baby clothes… you know… besides getting myself that isn’t a jumper..

Buy Here

Buy Here

Buy Here

Buy Here

Buy Here

Buy Here

I think the blue spotty with the collar is my favorite, when R wears it she reminds me of a Little Sister from the game Bioshock.

Its strange having R in proper clothes now, she was in sleepsuits for such a long time that I never imagined her dressed in ‘people’ clothes but now that shes in them its given me more reason to buy more baby clothes!!

Which one is your favorite?

Until next time
Mummy Cat


Photograph Friday

This weeks photograph Friday was taken on Sunday – the children decided to have a heist.. a sweet heist!!

They snuck in our room at some point in the morning and raided the nappy bag that contained all the sweets I had saved from their school friends birthdays and had themselves a little feast in their bedroom.. along with some lego cards from sainsburys.


30 Years of Joshua Tree. 

On 9th March 1987 one of the greatest albums (opinions pending) of all time was released, U2’s Joshua Tree, and the band just started their tour in celebration of said albums, seeing all these photos and videos pop up on twitter and Instagram took me back to the summer of 2005 and the Vertigo 05 tour.

It was an extremely hot summers day, 21st June 2005 in the wonderful city of Glasgow. A friend who I met through the wonders of the internet, in fact via a U2 chat room years prior, managed to get wonderful tickets to the show, I still remember her telling me that she got them after standing in line since midnight of the tickets released..

I was living in Newcastle at the time (a story I probably won’t talk about) so travel to Glasgow wasn’t an issue, everything is a complete blur of how I actually got there (train… obviously) but I remember having to get up rather early… which these days isn’t early at all, and heading to the arena and the long wait of being first in line, but the blessing of being first in line is the opportunity to be in a place I had only dreamed about, front row at a U2 concert! 

The photos honestly do not do justice of how close me and my friends stood! In many of my photos I had one of the grumpy looking security guards keeping watch! Front row! All those years of dreaming and wishing for this day and it finally happened.

Being the one with the camera I am not in any of these photos, but here are a ‘few’ of the photos I managed to snap that day.

I was extremely blessed to have even able to tag along to see this band with a fellow fan I met on the internet.. looking back on this day and everything that happened, where we stood and the songs that they played some of which they hadn’t sung live in years.. I wish I could go back and experience this one event again..

I wish I could go see the Joshua Tree anniversary tour but I know that would be impossible giving how quickly tickets to these shows sell out!

I can however still listen back to this day, someone in the crowd recorded it, as many do, and I have it saved on my hard drive along with the blurry videos I managed to take.. (seriously you kids do not understand the pain of shitty phone cameras).

Signing off humming to ‘Running to Stand Still’

Mummy Cat 



The ‘new baby’ urge

It’s hard to explain it and I am sure it’s not an every woman thing but there is this undeniable urge to extend my family.

Normally this feeling hits when the baby is around 3 months old, for me at least.. but as the months go on the feeling gets a little stronger the more my baby grows and becomes more and more independent.

I have asked, mentioned it a few times here and there but sadly because of our lack of space we simply cannot grow our family anymore, even R is a tight squeeze in our tiny two bedroom flat but still that urge is there eating away at me, knowing my body clock is slowly ticking away.

I think I just love babies, I love the smell of them and their tiny wrinkly skin, I love their hand movements and their facial expressions.. and then they grow out of their newbornness and that’s when I feel the urge.. but is a common thing, I believe its got something to do with hormones, you look at these tiny humans you’ve created and can’t help but want one more.

I don’t like pregnancy, I have never liked it, even during my first pregnancy I hated every second, I didn’t like how I didn’t have control over my body, how I had to abide by a bunch of stupid medical rules.. I know that’s extremely selfish of me to think that, I even feel like that about after birth, if you breastfeed you are still supplying food for another person and not just yourself..

I believe that’s part of the reason I will never breastfeed.

but even with all the pain, the leg cramps and the after birth issues.. I adore babies! Looking back at photos of my three fills me with a mixture of sadness and longing of them to just stop growing so quickly, my eldest is now a 7-year-old and I still remember the moment he was past to Mr S after birth, his little pink face all sore from the forceps.

Why do I want another baby? I just do, I will wait until we have the space for the next one.. but that urge.. that craving will linger forever until that day comes..

I swear… ill be starring in 16 kids and Counting in the near future!!!!

Mummy Cat


Photograph Friday

I didn’t take very many photos this week, my hay fever has just been so bad that I’ve not gone out much, which is annoying…

So I thought I’d share this photo I took a couple of weeks ago when we went for a walk around our local area! We found fields, horses and a wonderful half built tree house!

It’s always delightful when you find little places like this so local to you 🙂 shame about all the pollen!

Mummy Cat x