May Day ramblings.

How is it May already? Goodness I am not prepared for how fast this year has gone! 

We went to the dreaded hell known as ToysRus the other day, purely because we had some vouchers that needed spending before they ran out, K got a Dinotrux, A got a Belle doll and R got some wooden letter blocks as I currently have an obsession with wooden toys… mainly after I won a Grimms Rainbow from eBay..

We also went to mothercare for more toys (do they really need that many?!) as once again more vouchers required spending, just for R this time and she got some more wooden blocks and some rattly things.. I also admired a Bugaboo Buffalo (not allowed one sadly)
For the May day (which is when this post was done) my wonderful husband Mr S is taking the eldest two to their nans for their weekly visit, this usually happens on a Sunday but as it’s a bank holiday and he’s got a few days off, they’re making the visit today.. can’t wait for a bit of me and R time.. hopefully she had a nap so I can crack on with washing (and watching all the stuff I’ve recorded hah)

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday!

Until next time.

Mummy Cat x


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