Ditching the Dummy.

I don’t mind a dummy, when I was first pregnant with my now 7 year old I was rather against them, I didn’t think I would need one (I also thought I could successfully breastfeed but that’s another tale), I would see older children with them and it really put me off..

How different was my view after I had my son! He loved to suck, me, my husbands little finger, his own baby hands, anything and everything, I was trying to feed him and my poor boobs were getting cracked and broken because of him being constantly attached to me.. shortly before we switched to formula we got a dummy.

It was a mam dummy, I gave my mum the strict instructions to find one that would be discreet and cute, and mam didn’t disappoint! Three years down the line he still had it but we began the process of saying goodbye to our beloved ‘gee’ (or gii, as my husband spells it). We finally said goodbye after it got a bit dirty and caused his upper lip to get sore, he put it in the bin and it was gone! 

With my second child however, I wanted to get a dummy straight away, mam do smaller sized dummies for smaller mouths which was perfect, I made it out like it was a gift from the older child to the youngest, she was harder to persuade to say goodbye to ‘gee’ (gii) and it took her until the summer before she turned four to say goodbye, we somehow got her to understand she didn’t need it and was a big girl and after explaining things she herself put the dummy in the bin!

I am now here with baby 3, she’s only 1 so I am in no rush to say goodbye just yet to her comfort but I think with my past experiences with ditching the dummy, It will be a smooth transition… I hope!! But they often say all children are different and how one went won’t dictate how the other one will be like!

I don’t have any real tips on ditching a dummy, besides just waiting until the child understands, much like potty training, they will do things in their own time.

Until next time

Wishing she knew then what she knows now…

Mummy Cat x

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