Fish fingers again?..

Ah the daily mail, I’ve seen this.. can we call it an article? Being blogged about today, about mothers taking the lazy option to parenting, taking a sip of gin when needed (or a nibble of chocolate in my case as I don’t drink… this is why I’m fat mind).

Parenting is bloody hard enough with the whole divided opinions and different parenting styles, why do we need another thing judging us for how we do things.. 

I am a mother of three, some days are like rainbows, everything gets done in time and things run smoothly… and then you’ll have days when I will yell at the children for taking a literal life time to get ready in the morning or use dry hairspray for the 5th time that week because I slept in late thanks to my youngest not understanding that midnight isn’t time to play.

Honest motherhood blogs and books are important in this day of age where we all know parenting is hard bloody work, we all know that sometimes we cry a little when things go wrong.. we all know that sometimes dinner is once again fish fingers because it’s easy (mainly for me because my older two have school dinners and rarely want for anything else after school).

Why is it so bad to want to laze around in your lazy trousers or leave the washing for one extra day.. would it be better that I spend time playing with my children or enjoying a classic Disney with them?

It isn’t about being the perfect parent anymore, keeping up appearances isn’t the top priority.. rereading the rant on the daily mail… it seems they have lost any ounce of humor!

and come on … who doesn’t like fish fingers?!! (Albeit frozen straight from the freezer isn’t recommended)

Mummy Cat x


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