I went shopping, what a surprise I know! but while I was walking around my local Tesco’s looking for some new yummies to try, I found these Babease Baby Plan pouches! Now I am not sure if you remember but I wrote about the Ella’s Kitchen pouches before, So I was super excited to try out some new tastes for R.

At first glance the packaging is really rustic looking which I actually like, they remind me almost of packets of healthy breakfast cereals, and the list of what was in them was really interesting, Usually baby food is very bland and boring, I am not saying that’s a bad thing because all babies are different and sometimes something to spicy isn’t what they like..

Babease have the same view as Ella’s Kitchen, that vegetables should be introduced first so that the baby learns to love all things yummy and healthy which I do agree with, I am very for introducing veg and fruit as early as possible in the weaning journey as I mentioned before that when I weaned my son back in 2010, it was recommended to just use baby rice.


Broccoli, parsnip and lentils was R’s favorite,  she gobbled it down and then looked for more, I did add some pasta stars to it to give it more lumps but I do that with the Ella’s Kitchen pouches.

She wasn’t to keen on the Beetroot pouch, it had a really strong smell of earthy beetroot which I love but I don’t think R is to keen on it and the Brown rice with swede went down really well too, I just don’t think my baby is a beetroot lover much unlike her elder siblings and her mum.


The texture of the food was good, it was just the right lumpiness for the age range they recommend, I obviously added extra lumps and bumps to make it more suitable for R, they don’t seem to have a further stage, so adding your own pasta or extra lumps is a great way to keep using these pouches future into toddlerhood.

They are a little cheaper than Ella’s Kitchen, which when you are brand friendly like me it doesn’t make much of a difference but I am happy to try more in future, these where the only three I found in my local store, so I am going to go on a hunt for more to try.

Would I recommend them  – Yes I would, if you like offering your baby new flavors then you should definitely try these, they are like Ella’s Kitchen made with 100% organic products, are vegan friendly and whats great is they are made in the UK so if you are worried about where your babies food comes from.. they are perfect for you.

I am looking forward to finding more from this brand the next time I head to the shops, and I hope you try them out too.

Until next time

Mummy Cat


Disclaimer – I paid for these with my own money, All thoughts and opinions are my own.


At the weekend it was my aunts birthday, She had already had many surprises, meeting friends shes not seen in a while and going to a rather posh restaurant..
The main one was held at one of their local pubs, The Red Cow, she didn’t have a clue we all had planned to hide inside the pub, one issue I mentioned was what if she saw the cars, my mum has a very obvious number plate and I was worried she would see it and know, but thankfully she was utterly unaware of it and when she opened the door to the pub was surprised by all of us singing Happy Birthday to her.

she cried … of course but was so excited to see all her family there including the children and its always fun to see family given that mine is so small these days.


The food itself was lovely, I only had my phone on hand so I couldn’t take as many photos..


This was my husbands starter, which I have to admit was a lot more photogenic than mine, which was fishcake with homemade tartare sauce but what it lacked in looks it made up for being delicious! I could’ve just had that for main.



My mum proudly showing off her roast lamb.

For our mains we all had a roast, besides the children who both wanted burgers and R had homemade fish fingers and mash, she wasn’t too keen on anything and decided to gag on some mash and throw up all over the table .. yup.. of everything that could’ve gone wrong, that one was it.

I got a little stressed out with the children doing silly things and frankly R was having a moment, being that she now is walking, she wants to be on the move all the time and I didn’t want her interrupt others who are eating, but other than me being on the verge of a anxiety attack, it was a lovely day..

We all went back to my aunt and uncles house afterwards for some cake, made lovingly by my other aunt (she makes the best cakes) with some much needed cups of tea, The children took advantage of the garden and ran around hunting for any lost Easter eggs they may have missed at Easter time.

One Hull of a Dad

Yesterday I went into town with the quest to get a piercing, this one in particular is apparently great for migraine suffers.. and being one.. I wanted to get it.

My husband is a cynic when it comes to these kind of things and thinks they are a bit silly.. but when you get to a point during a migraine that nothing works.. you start looking in other areas!

A friend of mine had shared information about it and I have to admit, I did think it might just be a bit of witchcraft behind it all, but it’s more of acupuncture than anything…

The body is made up of pressure points, stimulating one could in theory help with pains in another and after much research, much thought and plenty of ‘im scared of the pain’ I decided to just say sod it..

And do it!

I almost chickened out of getting it as the place I had originally wanted to get it done wasn’t open at the time.. and my town has two local tattoo and piercing places so I simple went to the other one..

I went to Custom Ink, who came across really friendly and welcoming and I honestly can’t thank them enough for not only doing it but keeping me relaxed during the piercing.

It did hurt, but it’s hard to explain because I had this image in my head that it would’ve hurt a lot more than I expected, of course it was going to hurt I had a needle poked through cartilage.. but it was only a brief pinch sensation and it was over!

My verdict so far? I actually love how it looks, I have yet to suffer from a migraine but some form of pressure did release when the piercing went in, I felt sort of clear headed for a change hah.

Time will tell if it works or not, but I think believing in it working may also help the process but I can say that after I had it done, I felt my head become clear and relaxed..

Until next time

Mummy Cat


One Hull of a Dad

So, I decided to take the plunge and try out a different monthly makeup subscription box, as you are probably are aware I’ve been subscribed to Birchbox since the start of January but while browsing Facebook I saw Glossybox had a coupon code to try their box for the first month so.. how could I say no?


and as you can see, I got a lovely selection of goodies for this month! the little booklet is a few chapters from the upcoming book Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland which is due to be released on June 29th so you still have time to preorder a copy, the few chapters are really interesting so I may go and pick that up when I manage to get into town! go check it out.

First up in the box we have dry hairspray by Batiste, I live for dry hairspray and I am forever running low of the stuff (any mother of more than one will probably understand hah) but this one is for heat and shine to protect your hair from the heat and styling which is fantastic! I don’t often use my straighteners but now when I do I can relax that my hair will have some form of heat protection. best dry hairspray ever!


Up next we have Eness exotic Africa argan oil hand cream, and from experience with from when I was working in a newsagents, one can never have to many hand creams! this hand cream smells absolutely divine, it reminds me of children’s sun cream and has made my hands wonderfully soft.. plus it is made by a cruelty free company which is a plus!


Up next is a contour pencil, I see all over Instagram people using tape and spoons and whatever they can get their hands on to contour their face to make it look slimmer, which literally only works if you are looking at someone dead on, I personally don’t understand contouring and frankly am to terrified of doing it myself, if they turn out how my eyebrows look half the time then i doubt ill be able to ‘blend’ the brown in correctly and look like I’ve let my baby smudge chocolate on my face haha! so consider  me not a fan of contouring


Now time for some illuminator from Manna ,  this is the first time Ive actually used an illuminator and I actually like it, it adds a subtle pink tint to my regular foundation and creates a nice shimmer look on bare skin, the only issue is this is step 3 and I am unsure about the other steps but I have defiantly added it to my regular makeup.


Up next I have some all in one primer by Thisworks, I had a tiny bottle of primer a while ago and found my face was much better after using it before applying my makeup, so I am super happy to have another bottle to use, and a much better one too, Primers from what I am aware (makeup newbie) are used to prime the face before makeup.. it smells lovely and has quickly gone into my makeup bag!


and lastly we have a beautiful browny red lip crayon, I don’t usually wear lipsticks much but when I do I tend to lean towards the darker shades than lighter so this is right up my street, I adore the color on and have used it a few times since I received my box the other day.

All in all this was a great box, I am glad I saw the promotional codes and picked it up and I think I will definitely keep up this subscription month to month to add to this makeup newbies now overflowing bag!

Check out Glossybox here

Until next time

Mummy Cat



Disclaimer – I paid for Glossybox with my own money, all thoughts and opinions of the brands included are my own.


I’ve been having a think these past couple of weeks about my children and the one thing that I’ve kept a ‘must’ with them and that thing is a good routine, in fact my children love their routine so much that if I dare miss lunch time (12 midday) or dinner time (5pm) I am met by two very sad and upset faces telling me I’ve forgotten to feed them!! but this post I will talk about the one that I have always considered the most important routine to have..

A bed time one.

I remember shortly after the birth of my first my own mother telling me that having a routine is the best thing you could ever have, the ‘bath, bottle (or boob) and bed’ has been the one that’s stuck.. I do agree newborns have a tendency to create their own little routine of feed, poop and sleep but I also believe that getting one in early is a plan for success.. I would also like to point out that sometimes routine goes out the window when one of them are feeling poorly or if there happens to be a family party they are all invited too, and of course during half terms and summer holidays bedtime is a little later as they do not need to get up in time for school in the mornings.

K was rather easy to get into a routine, we had three people in the house so the extra hands helped and around 8 weeks old he slept through the night, my husband and I decided to go out that night for a family party and found it bloody typical that the one night we go somewhere, he sleeps from 7pm to around 4am!! I think to this day we regret going out, even if the party was a good one.. I remember having a right laugh with my grandfather in law about a certain pint glass.

A was just the middle child, she fitted into the routine because she didn’t have much of a choice, I think its a lot easier to have one when there is already a pretty strong one in place.. it helped everyone sleep better and I think she finally went through the night at around 6 weeks old, I still remember the panic of waking up at 6am and she hadn’t woken me during the night for a bottle.. but she has remained to this day a fantastic sleeper, they both have actually and I feel blessed by that.

R was different, she is a the baby of the family, and will probably be the baby until we decide to have a fourth (yes we want more!!!) so at the beginning we was a little more relaxed with her, we didn’t officially start getting a routine in until she was around 4 months old when before I had started after the first two weeks and our of all three of them I co-slept with her the most .. I think partly because she was so tiny at birth and she was the baby after a big 4 year gap.. but now shes older and has the routine down to a T, even day time naps are routine now and will come to me clutching her Bob (a cuddly toy robin) as if to say ‘please can I go off to bed’ she even used to nap on me, I will admit that I do miss the odd cuddle, but she sleeps better and settles better in her own bed and then it gives me much more time to clean… because being a mother of three and a stay at home mum at that, cleaning is a high priority hah!

But as I say a lot of the time when it comes to parenting, we are all on our own journeys and should respect how others raise theirs! I know I do, I wouldn’t judge any mother on how they parent their own children .. sleeping or feeding preferences.
Until next time
Mummy Cat


This from Baby Centre is a good example of how to introduce routines and to develop them using your own babies internal clock.