Half Term Hell!!!


I think that’s all I can say about this week –  its half term .. and I have had enough!

The first week day was nice, the children played nicely in their bedrooms, drawing and building things and suddenly.. the arguments happened.. the water happened!!

I am sure they think they can get away with murder… or accidentally killing themselves by climbing the book cases to get at things on the shelves, I am beyond tempted to lock the baby gate in the morning with a bike chain to prevent them from dying from fall damage..

Another thing I have had to deal with is R.. she usually naps for a good two hours in the morning after we return from the school run, but because my daredevil demons are also the loudest thing known to mankind they will wake her up, which means I end up with a very grumpy and tired 13 month old!

I don’t mind having them at home with me but this past week has been a testing time, they have water bottles from school that they use after school and at bed time, well they just tipped A’s whole bottle over their carpet!! why they thought it was a good idea I don’t know.. but now I have a soggy carpet and they have soggy toys!

I am glad that its only one week, Easter half term was madness, it didn’t help that R was under the weather and I was just trying to deal with her, its safe to say I am dreading summer holidays.. Mr S is off to Germany for GamesCom in August so I will lose him for a week but thankfully my mother is taking a few days off that week to help me out with these monsters!

I think the plan is to go to the seaside but I am already regretting that, what with R and her dislike for her car seat, we had to rush to the dentist the other day, all three of us in mum’s car, and R screamed the whole Mini down!! Not sure I can deal with sitting in a car with a very grumpy baby for two hours!

I guess it could be worse, it could’ve been milk or something sticky like juice.. and when I do ask them to clean up they do… after Ive moaned at them enough of course.. I saw a blogger talk about using the hairband technique, when you put five hairbands on your arm and swap them over when you shout or tell of your children… I probably would have forgotten about the damn hairbands with the amount of times I tell my two off..

At least R is just a baby and doesn’t really understand that she’s doing something she shouldnt be doing, like pulling all the games and dvds off the shelves and pulling them apart.. but I wish my older two would think before they do things… like climb said shelves that host the games and dvds…

I often get asked by people.. ‘how do you cope with three’ and I can honestly say that sometimes, I can’t.. Some days are like rainbows when everything is going so smoothly and the house isn’t a mess (usually term time hah) and other days, much like today, I am very prepared to walk out the house and let them get on with their destruction!!

I’m off to try to make another cup of tea… god knows I need it!

Forever Trying

Mummy Cat.



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  1. Steph Gill
    June 2, 2017 / 9:42 pm

    Forget the tea…open the wine! And congratulate yourself for surviving another day, good to see it’s not just me!

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