What is a Chemical Pregnancy.

A chemical pregnancy, often classed as a very early miscarriage is heavy bleeding shortly after receiving a positive test result.

Many women do not even realize they suffer a miscarriage as it can occur so early that you may not even skip a period,in fact it amounts for 75% of all miscarriges and isnt as uncommon as people think it is.

When it happened we was trying for baby 2, I was really excited about becoming pregnant again so I got many many tests and couldn’t wait for the 2 ww (two week wait), so roughly two days before my period was due I decided to tak a digital test, after leaving it in the bathroom while I dealt with K I came back in and saw the answer..


I couldn’t believe my eyes, this was the second month of trying, first month was a complete wash out as we both had be sickness bug, so when I got this positive I was over the moon!! 

Still extremely early days but I started day dreaming of the future with the new baby, names and checking when the due day would be.

About a week later I started to bleed, it wasn’t much at first, spotting is completely normal during pregnancy so I didn’t think much of it until the cramps started and the bleeding got much heavier.. thinking more along the lines of ectopic I called the non emergency number who told me to go straight to our A and E, my dad being the only one able to take me, I explained that I was pregnant but bleeding… so off we went with K in tow..

They took urine samples and blood samples and like all A and E visits take forever to finally get any answers..

Mine was, ‘not pregnant just a period’.. I explained I had a positive test but the doctor told me regular menstration hormones can cause a positive test.. I went home, bleeding, cramping and feeling heartbroken..

Mr S was at work so I was sitting at home with K feeling lost, I googled and googled for an answer, false positives, can digital tests be wrong..

And I stumbled upon ‘Chemical Pregnancy’ and everything fit into place, I basically had a really early miscarriage, a tiny ball of cells just didn’t work out like it was meant too..

I got my positive a month later, this time around I was scared, frightened that this will end the same way as the last one… I tested almost daily up until I started bleeding again, I panicked and called the EPU (early pregnancy unit) and they booked me into a ultrasound to check everything was okay, and there was a bean shaped blob on the screen with a flickering heart.. I was indeed pregnant! 

It didn’t take away the fear of a loss, not that I am sure if a Chemical pregnancy can be classed as a ‘loss’ as there was no physical evidence besides that single test I took..

It wasn’t until A was here did I relax, and I was exactly the same with my pregnancy with R, that one event made me open my eyes to the fact that things can happen.. but I am glad there is an explanation of what happened and that I am not the only one who’s dealt with it.

But I often look at it as ‘if I didn’t have that Chemical pregnancy, I wouldn’t have had A’ 

I feel blessed that I have three healthy beautiful children and I try not to dwell on what could’ve been if I had carried my little ball of cells to term..

Forever Blessed

Mummy Cat 




  1. June 19, 2017 / 8:15 pm

    This was an interesting read. I’ve not heard of a chemical pregnancy before. My sister (a medic) once said to me often a miscarriage is your body’s way of saying to you, this is not your baby. I guess this is quite a medical way of looking at it, and of course, there are exceptions and this might seem to rather gloss over a lot. But, at its heart, this little explanation really resonated with me. I like it and found it comforting. Your baby was supposed to be ‘A’ , and that’s super special 😍 Kate x

  2. June 30, 2017 / 9:15 am

    Great read, I’ve heard of chemical pregnancy before but wasn’t sure what it was really. Thanks for sharing as it’ll definitely help other people who’ve been through a similar thing.

  3. June 30, 2017 / 2:50 pm

    I Googled like my life depended on it when I became pregnant, and this is something I read about and then worried about… Luckily our pregnancy continued healthily for us, but I have so much love and respect for anyone who has lost a baby, at any stage in their pregnancy. I can’t imagine the strength it takes, but so wonderful to see you are seeing the positives in having three little ones with you. xo

  4. Alice Spake
    June 30, 2017 / 7:26 pm

    I still can’t bring myself to read about stuff like this! xx

  5. July 2, 2017 / 7:03 am

    I found out early that I was pregnant and spent way too much time on Dr Google so I really feared this. I don’t think I ever relaxed until he was finally in my arms. Well done for writing this x

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