Why I Blog…

Why do I Blog? It’s such a funny thing really, I started to cover boredom while sitting with a newborn, but I think in the long run I’m doing it as a look back at what happened in our lives.. so we have a little diary of life events.

One life event I never expected to deal with, is bullying, most of my life I’ve suffered some form of it and to this day it’s still going on even in the blogging world..

I never started to copy anyone, I do get inspired by some images I see but I wouldn’t dream of completely copying someone’s layout or settings.. I started because I wanted to add another voice into the world of parent blogging, share my experiences of what I and my family get up to daily/weekly and share any awesome things I find in the form of reviews (which I actually love doing)

I am trying to build it forward to become something bigger than I ever expected and I have grown a lot, I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress and I have upgraded to premium to improve my blogs and give me the ability to hopefully one day earn money through it.

But of course I didn’t set out to do that, I Blog because I’ve always enjoyed blogging, even back in 1998 with my silly green diary I filled with stories, photographs, newspaper clippings and even a tiny bag of sand from a trip to Weymouth! (One of the most beautiful beaches in England!) to when LiveJournal came to being and I used to update silly things everyday up until I gave birth to my second child, I stopped because I just didn’t have the time to sit down and write anymore.

Thank goodness for Apps because I probably wouldn’t be blogging today if there wasn’t a handy WordPress app to use.

I admire all those who blog for a living, who are friends with brands and go to these amazing events and manage to find to squeeze that all in with raising a family and it would be wonderful to experience all that one day of course but I disagree with those who start blogs to get free things and to get money because if your plan is to get big then get out!

Working your way from the bottom to the top, starting from nothing is far more important and rewarding than expecting the world to turn around and care what you write.

And frankly I am proud of how far I’ve come from one year ago

Always trying my best

Mummy Cat


8 thoughts on “Why I Blog…

    • I used to be so worried that I would never be good enough, if anything I am better now than I’ve ever been 🙂 thank you x

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