Surprise Birthday Meal

At the weekend it was my aunts birthday, She had already had many surprises, meeting friends shes not seen in a while and going to a rather posh restaurant..
The main one was held at one of their local pubs, The Red Cow, she didn’t have a clue we all had planned to hide inside the pub, one issue I mentioned was what if she saw the cars, my mum has a very obvious number plate and I was worried she would see it and know, but thankfully she was utterly unaware of it and when she opened the door to the pub was surprised by all of us singing Happy Birthday to her.

she cried … of course but was so excited to see all her family there including the children and its always fun to see family given that mine is so small these days.


The food itself was lovely, I only had my phone on hand so I couldn’t take as many photos..


This was my husbands starter, which I have to admit was a lot more photogenic than mine, which was fishcake with homemade tartare sauce but what it lacked in looks it made up for being delicious! I could’ve just had that for main.



My mum proudly showing off her roast lamb.

For our mains we all had a roast, besides the children who both wanted burgers and R had homemade fish fingers and mash, she wasn’t too keen on anything and decided to gag on some mash and throw up all over the table .. yup.. of everything that could’ve gone wrong, that one was it.

I got a little stressed out with the children doing silly things and frankly R was having a moment, being that she now is walking, she wants to be on the move all the time and I didn’t want her interrupt others who are eating, but other than me being on the verge of a anxiety attack, it was a lovely day..

We all went back to my aunt and uncles house afterwards for some cake, made lovingly by my other aunt (she makes the best cakes) with some much needed cups of tea, The children took advantage of the garden and ran around hunting for any lost Easter eggs they may have missed at Easter time.

One Hull of a Dad

9 thoughts on “Surprise Birthday Meal

  1. Looks like an amazing meal and then fun in the garden, beautiful flower pics 🙂 my little ones always used to have a problem with mash 😦

  2. This sounds like a lovely surprise for your aunt! I think most parents relate to the stress of eating out with children though… argh!!!

  3. Ah the food looks delicious and sounds like you had a great time out there 🙂 happy birthday to your aunt! 🙂

  4. What a lovely way to record a memory. I love it when family gets all together. It doesn’t happen very often for us because my parents are divorced and my mum lives in France

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