This months Geek Gear box came at me as a bit of a surprise, I didn’t expect it, so when it turned up at my door I was super excited, in the box each month you will get fun items depending on what fandom you choose when signing up, and obviously I picked Harry Potter and the surrounding world of wizardry.


This lovely little print, which like the others I have gotten from the box now sits in my children’s bedrooms, is from the recent movie Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, which I have yet to see for myself.. I know how could I not see it yet! but I am aware of the characters etc.. I have said before that many of the prints are fan made and honestly I hope they are paid for their contributions..


This month we had two prop items, I will get to the second prop shortly but the first prop is of course the world famous glasses worn by Harry himself, these are surprisingly heavy so aren’t a cheap item, they’re a bit on the small side, or my head is on the large size, either way I think they’re pretty cool and ready for when its Halloween and dress up time 🙂


The house item this month is this funky little clip on bow, it has a safety pin at the back so you can attack it to bags and even onto a thick hair tie, I have put mine onto my changing bag so it comes with me everywhere.. gotta rock the house pride!


As you can see from the photo, this is a large coin which is made to look like the opening of the Chamber of Secrets, its pretty heavy and a cool collectors item, not much I can really say on it really, its just a pretty cool ‘thing’ to put on display.


I also got another enamel pin to go with the Hagrid one from last month, This one is a Harry Potter one, Similar to the one last month you could collect three different colors, a basic one, a silver one and a gold one, I just had a basic one but I don’t mind, they’re pretty cool and Harry now sits next to Hagrid on my bag.


I think my favorite thing about the geek gear box is the t-shirts, when you are selecting the box you can choose sizes so no worries about if you get something to small, and if you get something large then you have a new shirt to wear to bed! This one is once again from the Fantastic Beast film, with the little pocket of Newt Scamander on the breast.


and finally the second prop item, a wand! I got a wand in a past box, it was Hermione’s wand and it was brilliant, I allowed my daughter to play with it as she loves the character, this wand was an bog standard one, didn’t have a character placed with it so it will be fun during role playing when they want to mess about pretending to be wizards.. it has a pretty good weight to it, which gives the feel of a real wand.. and its really well made!

There we have it, July’s monthly geek gear box! always full of fun items to play with and wear, I think out of all the cool boxes I’ve tried I like this one the most, while makeup and baby stuff is cool,  I am such a nerd at heart and I love being able to share my enjoyment of my nerdiness with you. 🙂

To see what I got last month in June’s box.. click here

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Disclaimer  –  I pay for Geek Gear with my own money, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



Sunflowers on a rainy day.

Mummy Cat 



I am a member of a secret group on Facebook full to the brim of awesome ladies and adorable babies, We had talked about meeting up a few times but the only issue we had was the fact that everyone was dotted around the country and there was never a settlement on when/where and what time would be best for all of us..

It went quiet about the subject for a while, but one of the wonderful ladies decided to mention it again as one of the dates that had been picked was slowly appearing in the calendar and the subject came up again, I convinced my mum and..

Off to Birmingham we go!!!


R and I stayed over my mums house on the Friday night, our train in the morning was at 8:20 so it made a bit of sense to just have us stay over the night before rather than get a very panicky me onto a train all by myself. We woke up around 5 am, well R woke up at 5am, we just got up with her and got ready, packed up the buggy for the journey and was out of the house by around 7:30am..



It is safe to say I was extremely anxious about getting onto the train, and was practically forced on thanks to some helpful ladies who helped me lift the buggy onto the carriage, I think I am more scared of the tracks and the edge of the train than the train itself as I was okay once I got onto it, but I told my mum off a few times about walking to close to the track and insisted on walking as close to the wall as I possibly could..


We got to Cambridge with plenty of time to spare so we grabbed some much needed hot beverages, mum managed to spill some down her white top but a safety pin to the rescue hid it from view, the Cross Country train arrived on time and we got a little lost finding which carriage we needed to get on and got on the wrong one, but a wonderful ticket inspector told us to remain where we were until he could find us a good place to sit and got us somewhere we could leave the buggy.

One thing I have to say about the Cross Country trains is how terrible they were, cramped and on the return journey had no pull down baby changing unit so I had to change R on the dirty toilet floor! bit annoyed about that



But we made it, at 11:35 we pulled into a city we both have never visited before, the station platform was tiny, I hated it but we got off quickly into the amazing station, it was a shopping center that happened to have a train station inside it! we stopped to check maps and see where we needed to go (got lost of course) and headed towards the Think Tank. we did get lost and we did have to ask for directions many times, but we found it in the end and what an amazing place it is!

If you are ever near Birmingham I recommend going along and seeing it, so many fun interactive things for the children to play with and some of the bits inside are incredible!

After a little walk around I finally saw someone I recognized and then found everyone else and their wonderful babies! R was itching to get out of her buggy and go play with her friends… (and eat stones)


I’m honestly so glad I managed to do this, I am usually the most shy anxious person when it comes to meeting new people and will go hide in a corner, but I didn’t feel that here, I didn’t know how to talk to them, which i guess was part of my anxiety but it was so wonderful meeting them finally after talking for so long online., there was a few ladies who I wish had come along, but of course there is always a next time.

Because we turned up later than everyone else we didn’t manage to get wrist bands so when I left to go find some food, which was just a packet of quavers and two twix bars, I couldn’t get back into the play area so mum and I decided to go find the big shopping center in the city and find something more nutritious to eat, we found a few other ladies but not the whole group and said a quick goodbye.. I wish I had gotten back in and said goodbye properly.. I fully blame us getting lost in the first place…

We had another walk around the train station and look into all the shops, mum grabbed herself a clean t-shirt from John Lewis and quickly get changed and by this point R was getting really cranky and fed up so we found a Starbucks and they warmed up some milk for her, which I am so grateful for as she drained her bottle.. clearly needed it!

Our train to leave was at 6:22 but one had arrived at 6:14 and I got into such a panic, one of the things that keep me from going mad is having everything on a schedule, and the fact that the train turned up early freaked me out and made me panic like mad, but we got on, I calmed down and we found our seats.. and it turns out that the train we sat on was going all the way to Stansted Airport, making us realize we hadn’t had changed in the first place, and could’ve simple got onto the Cross Country at the airport!

Now we know eh? We got back to mums house around half 10, and just went straight to bed, slept all the way through until 7 when Mum woke me up with a cup of tea.

I honestly cannot believe I did it, I went on something I am scared of, faced my fear, met people I know on the internet and went to a strange city.. it was such a lovely day and I cannot wait til the next meet up in the future, I hope more come along and I get there in time!

Thank you to my wonderful BCApril ladies and babies! R and I love you all very much.4

Until next time

Mummy Cat


Brilliant blog posts on


As a mother, one of the biggest things that really bother me is when I over hear conversations parents have in front of their children and the language that comes out of their mouths..

Its honestly shocking and embarrassing that they are busy swearing and talking away while innocent ears are within listening distance… I think it bothers me more when, us as parents go out of our way not to swear around their children but they cant even contain themselves from doing it in front of mine..

I know once a child enters school they are bombarded by new words and new children who will not shy away from uttering rude words regularly with out a shred of care.. I remember doing it myself at the sweet age of 8, talking to a girl called Fiona who introduced me to the world of swears and now I know that it wasn’t her fault she knew all these words, but her parents, so once I had my own children, I tried my hardest to keep the swear words to a minimum..

Fast forward to when A was in pre-school, she came home one day and said a word I never would dream of using, its the vile word that begins with C, and I honestly couldn’t believe it, I had no idea where she got it from, until I over heard some chatter and heard the word be passed around so freely..

I don’t understand how its difficult to not use certain words around children, they are like sponges and pick anything up, K once said the F word after hearing me use it once as I dropped something in the kitchen, I didn’t even think he heard me but around Christmas time, he said it and thankfully after we explained to him that he shouldn’t say it, he hasn’t said it since from what I am aware of..


It isn’t hard to just stop and think before saying things in front of children, even myself will injure myself and in-between a curse change the word to another one.. and then you hear people talk and every other word is a swear word…

I know that everyone parents differently, but I wish people would hold their tongue when surrounded by children, we went to a pub for a meal a few weeks ago and a group of increasingly drunk men kept swearing, without a second thought of their surroundings..

Children don’t need to hear these words, let alone use them.. and I now understand why the strongest word I ever heard my mum use, even today is mild in comparison to what I hear weekly out and about..

What is the one thing that bothers you with being a parent?

Until next time

Mummy Cat.




Welcome back to my alphabet series… this time I am going to talk about..

Dates –

Now this isn’t going to be about, getting dressed up and going out for a nice meal with the husband, but more about important dates and what they mean to me, obviously..

September 27th 2008 I met up with my now husband at the local pubs for a few drinkies and chats, its pretty handy having your wedding anniversary on the same day you started being a couple, well sort of easy as I can remember forgetting our 3rd just because we had been so busy with the children.. but we got married on the same date as when we met, most couples have a special date.. and that is ours..

March 24th 2010, the day I became a mum, its such a blur now, it was a dark morning, he was born at 1am, after getting his shoulders stuck and being yanked out with forceps.. He was dumped onto of my stomach, crying and kicking about.. and its been 7 years now.. very quickly coming up to 8, time isn’t fair and doesn’t keep its promise of not slowing down.. he made me feel like an adult for the first time in my life.

October 28th 2011, the day I became a mother of two, the day I dealt with being told I was cruel for giving my newborn formula and the day I promised not to judge a mother like that midwife judged me, she was born at 2am, perfectly healthy and came in to the world without any help apart from some hands catching her.. she is now 5 and very quickly coming up to 6.. time you are mean!!

April 19th 2016, third times a charm, she came into the world so quickly after spending such a long wait in the hospital, healthy but tiny and squeaking like the little bird she is, I think she changed me completely, she made me think before I speak, she made me see how immature others can be.. and she completed my transition into a fully fledged adult and the age of 30..

Those are my important dates, they all mean different things to me, but each of them will forever stick with me as I move on in this life..

Until next time

Mummy Cat