I don’t think a ban is the answer – Internet Privacy

The daily mail has once again appeared in my line of sight, and its covering a subject that I hold dear to my heart, the internet and privacy..

Over the past week Victoria Beckham held a birthday party at Buckingham Palace and of course like any excited parent has been snapping away photos and sharing them onto her social medias to share to the world her pride of her child, but according to The Daily Mail Stella McCartney is ‘furious’ that her child’s image has been publicly shared without her apparent permission.


and I get it, I understand the annoyance when people share images of your children in a public manner without even asking first, I have an issue with anyone sharing photos of my children without a simple ‘oh can I do this’ and I even get weird about family sharing their photos onto their Facebook from mine, purely because I have a very private Facebook page, but they might not be as secure.

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But to outright ban someone for stopping posting their photographs of their children on their own social medias? its a bit extreme, I am all for protecting the children and keeping them off public social media websites but I cannot control them from not doing it, I don’t agree sharing images of children in a place that can be accessed by anyone, and I mean anyone, there are whole communities on Instagram that ‘kidnap’ images of children and use in role playing adoptions which can come across as innocent but a lot of the times, they are taking images from you and surely you can stop that by not posting images publicly? – Just recently Chelsea Houska (DeBoer) of Teen Mom 2 fame had her son Watson’s photographs stolen from her public Instagram and used in another page for a sympathy post, its utterly disturbing..


I don’t agree that we should ban parents for sharing their children online, as long as its done privately and considering social media is far from the most private thing you could use there are plenty of ways of protecting them until they can make that choice themselves.

I don’t mind sharing images to family, and that’s primarily what my Facebook and Instagram is about, I have a public Instagram but you will never see my children’s faces on there, but if you share an image, with children in it that some are not your own, you should always ask permission from the parents.. regardless of who you are and how many followers you have..

What do you think? shall we ban parents from sharing images of their children on social media?. do you have a private Instagram or public one and aren’t afraid of where your children’s images might end up?

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7 thoughts on “I don’t think a ban is the answer – Internet Privacy

  1. I would never share photographs of another person’s child without their consent first. Likewise I would expect the same for my daughter – even if I do have her on my own social media.

  2. I think the police and courts have more important things to do that chase this. I’d like to think parents use their common sense most of the time. We are reminded at school events not to share photos.

  3. Totally agree, it’s going a bit far wanting to ban it. I’m trying more and more – especially on Instagram, to keep my boys off my feed, where they used to be heavily features. Especially as they get older I just wanted to respect their privacy.

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