C is for Christmas.

Welcome back to my A to Z series.. up next we have..

Christmas –


Yes I know, the C word.. In July of all months!, I am not a fan of Christmas, I find its become far to commercial these days, the C word for us is more about family and spending time with the ones who we love, the gifts are nice but I think its now at a point where to me, its all about the children and my family..

I moved away from my family back in 2004, up to Newcastle to live with someone I met online, and they did the C word a lot differently to how my family did it, and I actually missed how my family did it, we had our presents after dinner, but they did the mad rush down stairs at 5 am and by the time 7 am rolled around things were broken, it didn’t always happen like that of course, I think I was just missing home so much that the 5 am rush felt so barbaric to me.

Now that I have my only children, we do both, we have the mad rush in the morning for the children who cannot wait any longer and have the after dinner gift share around my aunts house and I honestly love it that way..

and while I am not the biggest C word fan, I do it for my children because obviously its all about them.

Until next time

Mummy Cat.

6 thoughts on “C is for Christmas.

  1. I love Christmas! It’s definitely all about the children now and I get so much joy from seeing their little faces when they open their presents after Santa has been. Santa’s cutting back this year though as my two have so much stuff already and they don’t play with half of it. Totally going to do a toy cull and send to charity.

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