Growing Tomatoes …

Those of you who follow me on my social medias may have seen me and my children grow some tomatoes from a seed, A came home at Easter with a packet of seeds and we decided to grow them and see what happens.

My mum helped, she supplied the soil and pots, helped with advice on what to do and so we started growing some tomatoes from a seed..


week one 


week two


week three 


week four


week five


week six


week seven

As you can see, they grew amazingly in my window for the first seven weeks of their life, so mum took them off me to get re-potted into some much larger pots and return one of them back to me so we can continue to watch them grow while she cares for the other plants.




Everything was going brilliantly, I gave them plenty of water and they got so much sunlight from where it sat in the window, we started to get flowers and after brushing them with a paintbrush to pollinate manually, we got fruit!


Lots of fruit!! I was really excited, as was the children, we had seen these plants go from a tiny seed to a full tomato plant! I believe it took toughly 20 weeks to get from a seed to plant.. but like all fun things, it unfortunately ended suddenly..


The tomatoes started to turn black at the ends, I didn’t know what it was so after a quick google I found out it was Blossom end rot, it was caused by lack of moisture which I found insanely odd because these things got watered every day, sometimes three times a day.. and a calcium deficiency.

After much research and much upset from my part, my mum took the plant back to her garden as the other five plants happen to be growing just find there, and see where it will take us.. and so far so good, I did tell my mum to just use it as compost to help the others grow but it seems to be doing okay, I am just going to assume, while I did water it a lot.. I clearly didn’t water it enough for its liking!

and that is the end of the tomato plant.. under-watered by me, now in its new home at my mums house but it was a lot of fun watching it grow and the children loved it, each morning they would run to see how bigger it was today, by the end of it it was taller than the children!

I think the next time we do it, I will hopefully have a garden for it to sit in, as it was up my window and frankly got in the way, and make sure its nearly almost wet.. who knew growing tomatoes could be a difficult task haha!

Until next time

Mummy Cat


Grow Your Own project from Heinz (yes the folks who make that delightful ketchup) supplied the school with the seeds, looking forward to next year!


11 thoughts on “Growing Tomatoes …

  1. What a lovely idea! I have never grew anything from scratch before so I may do something like that. I’d definitely be the person that would kill the plant though!

    • It was a shame that they developed rot 😦 but my mum has the other lot so hopefully they are doing bette

  2. We’ve got a tomato plant growing that D brought home from school and she was so excited when it flowered, then produced tomatoes and we got to pick the first one this week.
    I love how tomato plant leaves smell tomatoe-y.
    Hope your mums ones produce some tomatoes soon 😀

  3. I think you’ve done really well! I’ve never try growing tomatoes, but it looks fun so I’ll give it a go xx

  4. My growing skills don’t go much further than planting a seed and then I usually forget to water them and they die – well done you for helping them grow so well!

    Luckily my husband has green fingers!

  5. Amazing watching them grow isn’t it. We grow tomatoes every year. The boys love watching them grow and change colour. Still green though at the moment.

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