A to Z – I is for The Internet.

The Internet –

Its my favorite place in the world, I feel like I can be myself on the internet, I have found many many friends thanks to the internet, including that amazing group of women who I met up with last month..

I have seen it from the time of AngelFire websites and to the birth of social media, I love this place, sometimes I am not to keen on the people who use it, many of my friends have dealt with bullying on social media including myself, but thankfully there is that good ol’ block button.

I remember when I made my very first email, back in 1997, I lied and said I was 16 to get it, and I kept that email for a very long time until I stupidly forgot the password.. but I will never forget that amazing freedom the internet made me have, it still does.. however when I look back at my timehop I am a lot more worried about what I say on the internet..

I wasn’t as private as I am now, possibly because I know what others are like on it, one of the reasons why I keep my children’s images off it.. but I cannot wait for when my children get old enough to use it and explore what the World Wide Web has to offer..

Do you remember what your first email was?.. I really wish I still had it haha!

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Mummy Cat


This is for everyone – Tim Berners-Lee 



Visiting Ada Cole.

On Friday 25th August, my mum came to visit for the day, the plan was to pop over to Redwings Ada Cole, which is a horse rescue center, not to far from where I live, It sounded like a good idea to walk there, which wasn’t as there was very in the little way of paths on an extremely busy road.


But we got there around 3 and spend a good hour walking around and seeing all the horses and donkeys.



It was really lovely to get out and wander around the local area for a change, we only really go down to the local nature reserve so it was a great change, PLUS its a free visit too, well.. apart from the ice cream we ate at the end of the day.



K learnt something about horses, that they smell, but he also learnt about the personality of horses and how to tell when they are happy/sad/annoyed and A was just happy to see ‘ponies’, we even found a Pinkie!! R very much enjoyed herself, I don’t think shes ever seen a horse before so it was a delight seeing her react to them.


Ada Cole is open to the public three times a week and my children often visit with the school, its a lovely little educational place and many of the horses, if not all are rescue from all walks of life..

We are for sure going to get back there at some point!

Until next time

Mummy Cat


Brilliant blog posts on HonestMum.com


Mum Hacks by Tanith Carey – Review.

I was given the opportunity to read and review a book by Tanith Carey called Mum Hacks, Tanith is a mum of two, journalist and has written eight books so far and you can purchase her written work at any book store or online.

‘Mum Hacks’s is full of useful tips and tricks to deal with life at home with the children covering everything from what to eat, the best mop to buy and of course plenty of tips for mums too.

I think the hacks that I will use in my own life have to be the lunches, my eldest is about to enter year 3 which means he will no longer be having free school lunches at school, a delight for him as hes been asking for packed lunches since he started, but getting lunches ready in the morning more so with not only just one child, but three to get ready, is going to be tricky – planning the night before, which i agree with, I get their school clothes out folded neatly ready for them in a normal day, is the key to dealing with the rush, so getting their lunches ready the night before makes perfect sense.

‘Keeping laundry down’ part made me laugh, its great in theory, baskets in their rooms do work for a little while, I had one in our bedroom but the floor next to it got used a lot more, I think this hack needs others to be on board and I cant see my older two (plus husband who keeps putting his shoes in the bathroom and socks on the floor) would remember to do it.

All in all it was an okay book, many of the hacks I think many parents know already, some are very much common sense, and I think I was expecting it to be a bit more humors than factual as we all need a laugh every now and then.. but it has plenty of great tips to make being a mum a little bit more easy!

If you are interested in purchasing the book then click the link here.

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Mummy Cat.


Disclaimer: This was sent to me for a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not paid to write this post.


Photograph Sunday

This weekend was a busy one, it was my last few days alone without Mr S so me and the children all went around to see my mum, and of course Tom my nikon came with me.

She was busying herself in the garden and while the children dug holes and planted ‘tree’s’ I snapped a few photos of the flowers.

I really like this one, I was worried it would’ve looked blurry and wonky as I don’t exactly have the steadiest hand but I am so pleased it came out as clear as it did!

I did take a few more but I’ll save that for next week 😉

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Mummy Cat


Guest Post – Parenting Fails – Dad without a Map.


Up next we have Adrian talking about his parenting fail..

The Day We Cried At A Bus Stop

Parenting is one long iteration of that pearl of wisdom ‘fail better’ but we didn’t know that when our first baby was only two weeks old. It hadn’t been an easy birth and we’d spent the majority of my paternity leave in shock but by the end of the second week, we had to get out of the house.

Also, my parents had arrived to see their first grandson. They were sensibly staying in a B&B not too far away and we agreed to meet them at a park halfway between us. It was going to mean a bus ride (we didn’t own a car at the time – fools that we were) but we were sure we could do it.

Packing the bag to leave the house for the first time ever with a baby must have taken us an hour, including rechecking everything five times as we were so sleep deprived. But eventually, we texted my folks to say we’d left and nervously headed out with our precious tiny bundle barely visible in the apparently massive buggy bassinet.
The bus ride there was mercifully swift and incident free. We met my mum and dad and went for lunch in the park cafe. This was all very nice and we started to relax. We chatted and cooed over our baby and passed him around and eventually we all decided it had been long enough and we should head home and see them again the next day.
It was only as we waved goodbye that we checked the time and looked at each other in horror.

“Did you feed him at the cafe?”
“No. Did you?”
“Oh fuckety fuck.”

He had been asleep for ages as new babies tend to do but he hadn’t had a feed for nearly four hours, so he’d basically missed one. We had to wake him and crack on.
So, this was the first time we’d been out of the house and now it was going to be the first time Mrs B was going to have to feed our son on a park bench, in March.
He wasn’t happy. He wasn’t happy about being woken. He was even less happy about being woken up hungry. Cue much wailing and flailing arms and legs. After getting some milk inside him we hurriedly wrapped him back into his blankets and popped him back in the buggy.

Now we had to get home with a still cross newborn. I remember feeling so exposed as we stood at the bus stop. Like there were threats everywhere. And of course when the bus came the buggy spaces were taken so we had to wait another fifteen minutes. At this point our son decided to vomit all his milk back up. He’d eaten too much too fast on an empty stomach.

It was at this point, standing at the bus stop with a crying newborn, who was covered in sick, with everyone staring at us, that parental tears were shed. By the time we finally got home we vowed we wouldn’t leave the house again, but of course we did.
Nothing about this situation was funny at the time. Looking back with the experience of three and a bit years we can share a wry smile. When our second son was born we barely batted an eyelid taking him out for the first time, in fact we were more worried about managing his two year old brother. But we never ever forgot to feed a baby again!


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Email: Dadwithoutamap@gmail.com 



Passing a judgement – why do we do it?

The more I read, the more I notice how easy people find to judge others, I have also noticed how many mothers judge other mothers.. I am no clean slate myself, I have judged others, I think everyone at some point, even if they declare they wouldn’t dream of it… has judged someone in their time.

I know that I have been judged, either by a fellow mother or some person on in the town, I tend to ignore it but it can be upsetting, but I find online judgement harder to ignore, sometimes, while it can be easy to block, if someone says something on a public forum and its seem by many, it can be extremely damaging.

I try my best to not judge others too, I think my case is that sometimes I don’t understand things, I don’t know for example how people can confidently share their children’s images online, I couldn’t do it, but its your child so do as you please, while others will judge me for keeping private or for not breastfeeding or perhaps even using an iPhone instead of a Samsung..

Being friends when you are parents can be hard, I do know 250 wonderful ladies online who I respect and love dearly and have my back if I ever need help, but I find it so hard to find and make friends in real life because of the judgement they make, you are constantly bombarded by midwives, health visitors and even the news about how you are doing this wrong, don’t eat eggs they’re bad for you, actually never mind its fine! wait no we’ve changed our minds again..

I don’t allow my children to eat chocolate, I am trained in childcare and the one thing I remember was my tutor telling me that children don’t need sweets, and if you avoid these things in childhood they will not crave them and I can say, so far at year 8 of parenting, they don’t really care for sweets.. similarly we don’t make a deal about tablets and technology, I know its a huge part of life now but I don’t see why a 5 year old needs one.. and we do have them around the house, but my two prefer playing with their toys.. I certainly don’t think you are any less of a parent!

It isn’t being a prissy parent, its just having a parenting style, no one should be judged for things they do.. in parenting or in life..

Please stop judging other parents for how they choose to raise their children, stop judging anyone for their opinions, we all have our own and while we don’t agree with them, we should never judge and we should never force our beliefs on anyone.

We are all on this journey of parenthood together, we should be supportive, not judgmental..

Have you ever been judged? How did you deal with it? (I prefer ignoring)

Until next time

Mummy Cat




H is for Halloween.

The other week during my A to Z i talked about the C word.. Christmas.. now I feel like talking about my favorite time of year.

Halloween –

Only recently people in the UK have cared about Halloween, when I lived up north they did Halloween like how they did Christmas, decorations everywhere and a full blown party on the night..

Down south is a little more diluted, very rarely you’ll see a pumpkin on the door steps and no one dressed up unless it was a pub crawl or a children’s party, but these days, everything is different.. everything is covered in ghastly orange and purple glitter and you’ll find gardens full of skulls and ghosts on the 31st..


Autumn is the best time of year for me, I love the colors and the cool temperatures, I love being able to wrap up in boots and scarfs (I have a Hufflepuff one!!) and just enjoy that smell that you only get at this time of year..

The shops are full of fun items for all, sweets and outfits, pumpkins are everywhere and there’s a little magic in the air as everyone prepares for trick or treating, apple bobbing and egging of houses (However I did read somewhere.. probably the daily mail that the police consider egging a crime.. which is understandable hah).

As soon as summer hits I spend all of it longing for when the days turn shorter and the leaves from the trees fall.

Autumn is the best time of year and Halloween is my favorite event!

Until next time

Mummy Cat.