Worst Pram I Have Owned.

Now, over my 7 years of parenting I have owned a few prams, some have been the best that I have ever owned… but there was one that I regret buying..

My list of prams that I have had are..

  • Graco Mosaic
  • Quinny Buzz 3
  • Obaby tandem sport
  • Quinny Buzz xtra
  • Bugaboo Frog
  • Icandy Peach 2

I know compared to others that it is both a small amount of prams and a large amount of prams, but keep in mind this is over a 7 year period and prams do break or get damaged, my Graco for example had a high speed impact of an idiot on a pushbike when my son was 10 weeks old, he was fine thankfully but the poor pram had to go, I didn’t even notice the big dent in the side until I got home…

But I am not calling that brown rickety pram the worst… by far the worst pram I have ever owned has been the Obaby Tandem Sport..

71bZCCJ6W6L._SL1500_I wanted to get the Phil and Teds tandem, I liked the idea of it being a front and back pram, easy for shopping, so because of the price we decided to get the obaby’s version.. and I honestly have regretted ever since..

At first it was fine, but a few weeks went by and I noticed that one of the wheels had become loose, and no matter how hard I pushed it would not click into place, I had my mum look at it and it turned out that it had a small fault on the wheels, it the pole that kept the wheel secure was short by 9mm!

I of course contacted the company, and after going around in circles going nowhere I posted on their Facebook page about the problem… only to be blocked!!! In the end I ended up throwing the blasted thing out and as my son who was 2 at the time was confident in walking, I used the Quinny Buzz 3 that I got after the Graco accident, I also got him a little buggy board which he loved..

I then found many horror stories from obaby many being the same issue that I dealt with..

I am not saying that all obaby prams are crap, but in this case, this was the single worst pram I have ever owned, I wish now that we had paid the extra £30 and got the Phil and Teds tandem!

What has been your worst pram?

Until next time

Mummy Cat




15 thoughts on “Worst Pram I Have Owned.

  1. I didn’t know they were called “prams” in the U.K.–we call them strollers! I honestly don’t remember being in one as a kid…

    • We had planned on using the older quinny for my third but my mum wanted to buy me a brand new one, if the basket wasnt so small id probably still be using it

  2. Omg how awful. Can’t believe they blocked you on Facebook, how rude!!! I’ve been lucky to never have had a bad pram but a few bad buggies. They were just cheap at £20 so it’s my own fault but man they were hard to push. It was like being at the gym pushing the toddler in them!

  3. I can’t believe the company blocked you, what terrible customer service. Sorry you had a bad experience x

    • i started with twitter and they told me to email them and contact them on facebook, in the end i just gave up, i believe to this day that I am still blocked

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