Update – Anxiety.

I have talked about my un-diagnosed anxiety quiet a bit on my blog, because its something that is always there and always in the back of my mind..

After what I can only describe as the worst seven weeks of my life, finally ending, well its not ended but its ended up with me dealing with an increase in panic/anxiety attacks, just last week I had three in one week when I usually have one once a month if I’m lucky..

and one of the days I had two back to back of each other.. not good..

So… I am super proud of myself, that I finally picked up the phone and called my GP… to talk to someone about my issues, my mum has recommended that I go see her massage therapist, so that’s probably where I am going to go, if the doctor asks me if I would like treatment, I don’t want to medicate.. I want to try and talk through my problems first before going down the extreme route of medication..

Not that medication is bad, but I don’t think it would be right for me, as I know I find talking much more therapeutic, Mr S has dealt with me talking all the time about my issues, I think its fair that he gets a little break haha.

My appointment is on the 18th of August, my mum is coming with me as I will be alone with the children, offering me support and trying to  make sure that my opinions on being medicated at this second, aren’t ignored.

I feel proud I did it, considering I don’t like talking to people on the phone OR people in general, its a big step for me..

A big step in a much more healthier mind.

I will update you all more later..

Mummy Cat

16 thoughts on “Update – Anxiety.

  1. Good for you, i have just moved so need to change doctors and will be having to explain it all again to a new doctor. I just hope he is as understanding as my last one.

    • Thank you x I just worry if I do have medication how it would make me feel, if I didn’t have children I’d probably have a different opinion but I worry it will effect me x

  2. Big well done on contacting your GP, I know how difficult it is to do that, especially when you don’t like talking on the phone, you definitely should be proud of yourself. I hope that your appointment goes well and that you have a good therapist who you’ll feel comfortable talking to. I understand what you mean in regards to wanting to speak about how you feel before trying medication. x

  3. I’m so proud of you for taking the first step. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks among other things, and honestly that first step is everything. Good luck with everything!

  4. Well done for taking that first step. Hopefully your GP will talk you through all the options and you can come up with a plan going forward. All the best xx

  5. It’s great you’re going to take steps to finding help! Anxiety really does suck but getting it under control can really help. Best of luck!

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