The Perfect Age Gap?

Is there really one? I have read a few blogs about when its the right time to have another baby, add to the family and I do wonder if there is ever a ‘right time’ and does the perfect age gap exist?

My three children have a mix of age gaps, K is 18 months older than A and obviously R is 5 years younger than A.. and if I am honest, I prefer the large age gap than the smaller one.. and actually, considering how broody I get, do not wish for a smaller age gap again..

The one thing I regret with having A so close to K, is probably the fact that I didnt get to enjoy A growing, she suddenly went from a newborn to one in a blink of an eye, where as K.. him getting to a year was so slow, I do love their age gaps, and I do love how well they do play together and will grow up as friends as well as siblings..

But I wish I had waited just a little bit longer, much like how I did with R, we had a plan to wait until I was working and then start trying, she was a little accident haha, but the gap was what we wanted the most.. so that when A went to school I had time to play and deal with R..

and I prefer it..

but the question of whether a small gap or a large gap is best, is really a personal choice, I know many who have one baby after another with only a few months gap between each pregnancy (The Radford’s for an example) and I wonder, how they have time for each child.. when I felt like I barely had any with just two..img_3718as I said before, its a personal thing.. and having done both a small and a large gap, I know which one I prefer.. and I guess if another accident would happen, I would of course just deal with it.. but theres no way I am adding to our family until R is much older..

There is only so much mummy to hand around…

Would you have a small age gap? or do you have one?.. please comment below..

Until next time

Mummy Cat.


11 thoughts on “The Perfect Age Gap?

  1. I only have one child so I can’t say what would work for us. He’s two and a half now and I’d like another, so there will hopefully be no more than 3,5 years between them.

  2. We have a 2.5 year age gap with our two and although it was lovely when Baby was newborn it is becoming tricky the older she gets! They are just at two very different points in their lives but still need so much time from me. Although saying that I would love a smaller gap this time round but doubt it will happen! ox

  3. I want a 4 year age gap – the thought of having another one in only 2 years time is terrifying but I really want them quite close in age, I just want to know that we can really afford to!

  4. We have an 18 month gap between our two and I like that they never remember a time when the other wasn’t there, it felt v hard dealing with a newborn and a toddler at the time though!

  5. Originally I wanted two close together – like a year in between. It didn’t work out that way for us and now there will be a 2.5 year age gap between 1 and 2 and actually I think that is going to work really well. I have gotten to enjoy no.1 growing up and he will be old enough to help/enjoy the baby when they arrive and I’ll still get to enjoy the newborn snuggles with no.2. But I think it can differ for every family.

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