Next baby clothes haul part two

I am a self confessed Next addict, not to adult clothes… but baby clothes, I wasnt always this mad about clothes, I did my shopping in charity shops and Sainsburys, but wanting R to have the best and cutest clothes.. Next was the option I went for.. I often get vouchers at Christmas time and lately I decided to set up a credit account, which has helped with sudden growth spurts and of course my wonderful friend eBay has helped too..

Now lets get on with the clothes..


Sleepsuits – I am going to leave just the direct link to the sleepsuit section on the next website here so it saves a little time for me to search through all of them haha, I love Next sleepsuits, I love the sizes of them and the soft fabric they are made of, I also love the fact that they go up to 2 years! I think my favorite ones are the little animal character ones, which is a very in style at the moment.


Leggings – I am doing the same with the sleepsuit section and just sharing where you can find all of them (here and here) Leggings have been my go to outfit for R, they are easy to put on and pull off for nappy changes, they are great for movement, not at all restrictive and go with anything, who doesn’t love a good pair of leggings?

All of them are sets of three or two, apart from the sparkly pair, they are a lone pair and I just got two colors as their price was nice (that’s my excuse anyhoo)


Dress – Jersey Woven Mix Dressย – I am not fond of many of the dresses in Next, but this one I love, and it is going to be R’s Christmas outfit (Yes the C word already!! sorry!!) its a beautiful dress and while shes small, I cant wait to see her in it.


Shirts – here is the link to where you can find all the shirts I have shown, I got a mixture of long and short sleeved because we are getting closer to the best time of year when its no longer hot and longer sleeves are needed, I will probably need to make another order come autumn for some hoodies and cardigans.. (any excuse eh?) I love the little cat one, I usually shy away from monochrome, because lets face it.. white on children is a NO for me.. but I love how cute the little cat faces are.

And there you have it, my rather large next order for a child who is still in her 9 – 12 clothes! She needs to hurry up and grow so I can get her in all these beautiful new clothes!

Any clothes that she grows out of I give to friends or donate to charity, as Next has always got fantastic quality even after wash after wash..

Until next time… excited to make her next purchase..

Mummy Cat


6 thoughts on “Next baby clothes haul part two

  1. You’ve found some amazing pieces! Gosh, sometimes I wish D was a girl so I could buy all the cute dresses. But wait, I can! Don’t know what others might think of it tho haha ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Oh my gosh all of these clothes are so lovely! I love next clothes. I have a boy but seriously jealous right now of all the girls clothes ๐Ÿ˜› xx

    • It’s funny, I love the boy section .. i wish they didn’t make girl clothes so girly all the time as I often get the odd boy bits for Robin, such a shame you cans do the same xx

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