Passing a judgement – why do we do it?

The more I read, the more I notice how easy people find to judge others, I have also noticed how many mothers judge other mothers.. I am no clean slate myself, I have judged others, I think everyone at some point, even if they declare they wouldn’t dream of it… has judged someone in their time.

I know that I have been judged, either by a fellow mother or some person on in the town, I tend to ignore it but it can be upsetting, but I find online judgement harder to ignore, sometimes, while it can be easy to block, if someone says something on a public forum and its seem by many, it can be extremely damaging.

I try my best to not judge others too, I think my case is that sometimes I don’t understand things, I don’t know for example how people can confidently share their children’s images online, I couldn’t do it, but its your child so do as you please, while others will judge me for keeping private or for not breastfeeding or perhaps even using an iPhone instead of a Samsung..

Being friends when you are parents can be hard, I do know 250 wonderful ladies online who I respect and love dearly and have my back if I ever need help, but I find it so hard to find and make friends in real life because of the judgement they make, you are constantly bombarded by midwives, health visitors and even the news about how you are doing this wrong, don’t eat eggs they’re bad for you, actually never mind its fine! wait no we’ve changed our minds again..

I don’t allow my children to eat chocolate, I am trained in childcare and the one thing I remember was my tutor telling me that children don’t need sweets, and if you avoid these things in childhood they will not crave them and I can say, so far at year 8 of parenting, they don’t really care for sweets.. similarly we don’t make a deal about tablets and technology, I know its a huge part of life now but I don’t see why a 5 year old needs one.. and we do have them around the house, but my two prefer playing with their toys.. I certainly don’t think you are any less of a parent!

It isn’t being a prissy parent, its just having a parenting style, no one should be judged for things they do.. in parenting or in life..

Please stop judging other parents for how they choose to raise their children, stop judging anyone for their opinions, we all have our own and while we don’t agree with them, we should never judge and we should never force our beliefs on anyone.

We are all on this journey of parenthood together, we should be supportive, not judgmental..

Have you ever been judged? How did you deal with it? (I prefer ignoring)

Until next time

Mummy Cat




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  1. August 26, 2017 / 10:16 pm

    Great post Mummy Cat. I think people are far more judgemental online where they can hide behind a name. Some even set out to purposely stir up trouble. Then again, face to face you often know by a look or body language that you’re being judged. So much pressure on parents today. My hats off to you all.

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