September Glossybox – Round up.

September is one of my favorite times of year, I love the slightly cooler temperatures and I of course adore seeing the changing colors but also with another month arriving, thus arrives a new GlossyBox!
Here is whats inside…


Cetaphil Mini Skincare Trio – Skin care is my latest big thing at the moment, I am using more creams and treatments on my skin than I have ever used, and I am glad to get something like this in this months box, with the change in seasons and change in temperature my skin gets really dry, and I have been using these before bed for the past week and I have noticed a big difference!

Inside the trio is a money off voucher for Boots, so I’m happy all round.


Monu Firming Fuji Facial Oil – I have used facial oils before and loved what they did for my skin, so when I saw that this months box had some more in it I was so excited! this one is a more day and night oil where as the other one I had was a ‘put on before makeup’ kind of oil so I have not tried it on my face, I have been giving the other creams ago first, but it smells really nice! I will give you a little update when I start using it.


Pixi By Petra Brow Tamer – Eyebrows are my least favorite things on my body, I have none, I tend to paint them on with a pencil and some left over mascara so finding fantastic new brow products is my new goal, I had a little play at the weekend and its difficult to get the hang of but does make my ghostbrows look good!


Jeanne Arthes L’Eau de Rose – I am super picky when it comes to perfume, my go to one is Angel by Thierry Mugler so finding another one is often a long and annoying process and this one is really nice, its a middle scent, not to strong and I have had a few people ask what I was wearing, it sort of reminds me of french perfumes which is what the designer was going for.. I smell good haha


Stylondon Siligel Blender – I have seen these ALL over Instagram and I was so curious as to what on earth these things are, they are silicone beauty blenders, and as a mother in a rush I tend to just use my hands when I ‘blend’ my makeup.. I did own a blender at one point but my children ended up commandeering it and using it as a paint blender.. so seeing this in my box I was excited! I think I’ve had more fun squishing it and playing with it than actually using it, I don’t like how heavy it leaves the makeup on the skin, its designed so that no foundation is left on the applicator and I can see it being good for someone who is off out and needs to look the best but its not for me on my rush to school in the mornings..

definitely fun to play with…


Glossybox was also kind enough to leave a little tread in the box too, my husband got to munch on this for me as I sadly am not a fan of bueno’s but he is.. so it didn’t go to waste!

.. and there is the roundup of September’s Glossybox!

You should try it out too, next month you get to pick which box design you want to receive, either a unicorn or a mermaid, there needs to be a fairy one covered in holo glitter because we all know faeries are better!

Until next time

Mummy Cat



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