A to Z – L is for London.

London –

I used to love going into London, with friends or with family, There is always something so magical about the big city not to far from my home town..


The weekend trips I took with friends to do typical touristy things, such as visit the London Dungeons or go to the London Eye.. Those days had me in stitches of laughter and its sad now that for some unknown reason I developed a fear of trains, which it turns out is more of a fear of tracks than trains themselves.


yes that is me stealing the Queen’s jewels..


London has always fascinated me, I love the history of the city, I have a memory from school sitting in a history lesson looking up in awe of London’s ‘first’ serial killer Jack the Ripper and just wanting to learn more.

London is a huge multicultural city, always busy, always full of life and it always amazes me at how unique our capital is, if you sit and watch the London 2012 opening and closing ceremonies and you see all these people, of all different faiths standing proud and together and that’s what London means to me.


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