The Body Shop – mini haul #blogtober

I don’t usually shop at The Body Shop, but once I found out about their new Vanilla Pumpkin range I had to go along to my local store and pick a few bits up!




In the new range there is a a body butter, body shimmer spray, shower gel and hand cream, and of course because I am a fool I had to get the whole range, it is amazing.

The scent has a really subtle vanilla smell and a delightful slight spice to it too, if this is what a Pumpkin Spiced Latte smelt like then sign me up!

The hand cream is by far my favorite of the collection as it has the strongest smell, and the body shimmer is delightful, I love shaking up the bottle and watching all the luster dust spin!

If you are a fan of all things pumpkin then you need to get these.


I also got some from the mango range, a body mist and some shower sorbet, which you can apparently pop in the fridge for a wonderful shower experience, I have yet to try it from the fridge (I will let you know when I do) but its amazing!

I am always delighted with The Body Shop products, they always have the best smells and are of course cruelty free and I am trying to cut the amount of products I use that actually test on and use animals in their formulas.

Seriously get yourself to your local Body Shop and give your skin a little treat!

Until next time

Mummy Cat


Me, Being Mummy

18 thoughts on “The Body Shop – mini haul #blogtober

  1. Ooh I think I’ll have to pop into the body shop when I’m next in town.. I’m a bit of a sucker for all things pumpkin! X

  2. I love the body shops hand lotions to throw in my purse they are my absolute favorite! I love mango and pink grapefruit the best!! I haven’t gotten a chence to try the vanilla pumpkin but…. now i have an excuse to go woo!! Thanks for the haul!

  3. I don’t like pumpkin. But I did a body shop haul over the weekend for their tea tree products! I’m so excited to get them and I got the save £25 when you spend £50 and free delivery, bargain!

  4. Pumpkin and vanilla sounds like a lovely combination! I have always been a fan of The Body Shop, sounds like a successful shopping trip! Thank you for linking with the #HoneybeeLinky lovely, hope to see you next week! Xxx

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