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You cant have Halloween without a large amount of sugary trouble! but what are your favorite sweets?

Personally I am a bit of a bore when it comes to sweets, chocolate is my go to, namely Malteasers, they are delightful little balls of crispy chocolate… unfortunately they no longer do the white chocolate versions which I was obsessed with when I was pregnant with K.

I think Halloween is one of the few times of the year that I gladly allow my children to have sweets, I remember during my childcare training days, my tutor really drilled it into me that children don’t need them, and to be fair I have stuck by my guns with this one for mine.. I was let loose on some chocolate when I was younger and frankly wish I hadn’t I wouldn’t have the taste for it so I avoided it with the children until they’re older..

I am not saying don’t give your own children sweets, purely that I personally wanted to avoid them as long as I could with mine.. now that they are 5 and 7 its harder to stop them, sweets are used as a reward at school and often other parents bring sweets in for birthdays so avoiding is harder…

I do let them at some occasionally, right now they are obsessed with smarties!! which is fair, smarties are pretty cool (not as nice as Malteasers mind…) and I do make some mean fudge which everyone likes..

Sweets every now and then isn’t as bad as say every day, the amount of times I see a child come running out of our local shop with a large Aero mint on every school run I’ve done.. but who’s to say that isn’t mummy’s favorite and the child just wanted to get her something nice!

I cannot wait until we have trick or treaters, we had one last year so I am determined to show to my neighbors that you can pop into flats for some treats!

So I ask again, whats you and your children’s favorite sweets?

Bright Blessings

Mummy Cat



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  1. Olena Rudenko
    October 7, 2017 / 3:59 pm

    I’m a huge fun of sweets myself, but trying to set a good example for kids, I mostly home-baked healthy cakes and candies. E.g, the whole family is in love with carrot cake and pumpkin cheescake (season favourite).But sometimes none of us can resist Toblerone

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