A to Z – P is for 5 Year Plan

5 year plan –

In five years time, I will be 36 years old.. I will be a mother to an almost teenager and probably a have another baby by then, here are my plans that I hope to achieve in these next five years..

  1. Go back to collage – I have been looking at doing a photography course for a while now, I love taking photos and I would honestly love to expand to a causal to something a little more.
  2. Get a job – I have been out of work for a while now, since I had my first child in 2010 and a part of me wants to get back into the job market and bring some money into our house and hopefully help towards..
  3. Owning our own home – we are council tenants, and its okay, its not great but I would love to one day, hopefully in the next five years to have our own home.
  4. Earn from my blog – when I started my blog, I never wanted to earn from it, it is and will probably continue being a hobby more than anything, but it is a little dream of many that one day have my blog earn me some pennies.
  5. Overcome my fears – there’s a huge difference with facing a fear and actually over coming it all, for example I went to Birmingham to meet some ladies but it required me to get onto a train, after doing that I realized I am afraid of the tracks and not the train itself and while my mother keeps trying to push a train again,I don’t want to get back on one any time soon.. I honestly would love one day to join Mr S in one of his events that he goes to for his site (and actually take photos for his social media as hes useless at that)

and that’s it, nothing great but I can see a few of them achievable, however the sheer thought of hopping back onto a train still makes my stomach drop..

One day eh?

Until next time

Mummy Cat.

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