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Q and A –

Honestly with Q I didn’t know what to talk about, so i decided it would be a fun idea to do a Q and A instead, so I asked people on twitter if they would like to ask me some questions and here are a few of them..

  1. What is your favorite children’s show to put on for the kids Dinotrux, its a Netflix original that Mr S put on the once and the kids have been addicted to it ever since, its a pretty good show that covers that teamwork is sometimes best and that never judge someone if they look big and scary, you never know they might turn out to be the best friend you’ve ever had.
  2. Which show would you wish had never been made? – Topsy and Tim, I hate that show with a passion and its more annoying that the children love it, sometimes we avoid the t.v when its on so I don’t have to put up with being made to watch it.
  3. Whats the best tip you’d give to a new parent? – I have three, 1 is to get a routine in when you feel its time to do one, children LOVE routines and schedules and it really helps with getting a good bedtime down. 2 is to go with your instincts, if something feels wrong, make sure you are heard and 3 is probably never take anyone’s advice, each child is different and its hard to say ‘do this do that’ when sometimes it doesn’t work out that way :P.
  4. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? – I’m a bit boring, to much of a homebody but I would love to travel to Wales and the east coast of England.
  5. Why did you start blogging? – I have always had a blog, it was on LiveJournal many many moons ago and I wanted to start it up again after reading a few mum bloggers, I said it was purely out of boredom but I think now I just really love doing it and I love having the routine of getting posts written and photographs taken.
  6. What is your favorite t.v show? – The X – Files, this one was really hard to choose as I have so many favorites haha
  7. Pineapple on pizza? – No! that shouldn’t be a thing! sorry!!
  8. what is your favorite candle scent? – I found it last Christmas, a little too late as I found it in the sales but Yankie Candle Candy Cane Forest! its minty and so lovely! I have stocked up this year haha, its just so good!
  9. what is your favorite flavor of tea? – Once again I am a bore, I love English Breakfast, Tesco does a lovely Finest range of the tea that I get a lot.
  10. where is your favorite place to visit? – A few minutes from our flat is this lovely little wood, in the spring its full of bluebells, in the summer its all dark and cool and of course in the autumn and winter its a bit muddy, but its literally my favorite place to go for walks and the children love it too!


and that’s it, thank you to all those who asked me some questions to answer, I honestly wasn’t expecting to get any replies!

Until next time

Mummy Cat



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  1. October 26, 2017 / 7:15 am

    Pineapple in pizza😷😷 I’m so glad we can stay friends that you don’t think it should x

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